Eat Like a Martian – Potatoes #LifeonMars #Mars #NASA #science meets #scifi #book

The Martian

What does a newbie author have in common with a best seller and with NASA? Potatoes.

Recent science fiction stories agree. Potatoes will provide the calories for the first human Martians.

NASA wants to know if that will really work.

NASA has launched a project to see whether potatoes could grow on the Red Planet, one day allowing a human colony… It is the most adaptable food staple… water efficiency, up to seven times more than for cereals such as wheat and corn… rich in zinc, iron and vitamin C.”

Kate Rauner at Coas Books book signing

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NASA will try growing potatoes “in conditions simulating those on Mars, including extreme ultraviolet radiation and drastic temperature variations.” No, NASA. 😀 We scifi authors know you need a greenhouse of some sort – probably with artificial light since the place must be shielded from radiation.

It may be that vegetables colonize Mars before people do, perhaps with robots tending to them.”

Today, Mars is the only planet we know of that’s inhabited entirely by robots. Maybe soon, by potatoes, too.

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