Flowers Saved Forever #amber #flower #fossil #poetry #poem


amber heart
Fossils in amber

I have petals from my love
Pressed tween the pages of a book,
And rose buds given to me once
Dried in a jar, so not forsook.


They’ll last a decade, maybe more,
Perhaps a lifetime treasured,
Then be consigned into the trash.
How sentiment is measured.

Ephemeral my life may be,
Its meaning soon will disappear,
But some mementos of the past
Outlast me by a million years.

Millennia evolving
Since flowers first appeared,
Are preserved for human eyes,
Eternity in amber tears.

I will send my precious bud
Beyond the reach of my dead hand,
Encased within a blob of resin,
Buried deep in thickening sand.

By Kate Rauner

An ancient species has been newly identified from and exquisitely preserved flower  Amber can be as old as resin-producing plants: Wikipedia

Molecular polymerization, resulting from high pressures and temperatures produced by overlying sediment, transforms the resin first into copal. Sustained heat and pressure drives off terpenes and results in the formation of amber.

Update: a lizard preserved in amber – cool.

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