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fishing spider

A related fishing spider – Brian’s spider is newly identified

Waves across the universe
Ripple time and space,
While on the Earth a spider
Finds waves more to its taste.

Oh, to be so famous,
One of physics’ best.
Oh, to be immortalized,
Known for your quantum quest.

Oh, to be so honored,
To have your name applied
To another bit of nature
That on a waveform glides.

A dark and leggy spider
That dives in southern ponds
Or strides across their surface
Until its prey is found.

Your name will ride, oh Brian Greene,
On waves of gravity,
Or maybe longer will endure
In a name that’s spidery.

By Kate Rauner

Physicist Brian Greene is also a founder of World Science Festival, an annual event in New York City – alas, half a continent away from me – and for the first time in Brisbane, Australia – even farther.

Brian explains the discovery of gravity waves here. Who says string theory never leads to anything real? Thanks to

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