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That's me

That’s me

I just returned from a week traveling to National Park sites across the American southwest. There are amazing public lands for hiking and camping – and it’s a great way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Parks.

I was especially inspired by the Mojave Preserve’s huge cliffs of tuff – volcanic ash compressed into rock. The way it weathers is awesome.

The pale pocked cliffs make me think about Mars – in particular, the colony in my On Mars series. Colonists live in habitats of stone, 3-D printed from sand and meters thick to shield them from cosmic radiation inside a bubble of earthly environment.

Maybe it’s time for a habitat to be carved into the actual rock of Mars. I think I’ll do that in the third book in my series:

Misfits from the Martian colony live in the Tartarus Mountains of

Volcanic tuff - on Earth? or Mars?

Volcanic tuff – on Earth? or Mars?

Elysium, in a cavern dug by a legendary Hermit. The Hermit has always provided life support, but something’s gone wrong, and it’s up to a roboticist in the midst of a mid-life crisis to save the day (sol as they say on Mars.)

I don’t know if the eastern Elysium Plain is buried under hundreds of meters of tuff – maybe someday (some sol) we’ll find out. Until then, subscribe to my occasional emails to track my writing progress and receive special offers and a piece of flash fiction, too.

Scifi colonists may not survive on the real planet Mars

Travel with my colonists, and find out if their fellow humans are a bigger danger than the hostile planet.

The On Mars series is available from Amazon and all the major online retailers. Visit your favorite site or check here.

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