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Dancing in a tavern of the 1800s

Dancing in a tavern of the 1800s

It saw the Colonies
Become United States,
Saw hostilities
Building as storm clouds,
Heard the Independence
Declaration read out loud

Captured Chinese porcelain,
Some German tankards, too,
Fragments of a window pane,
And bottles that held brew.

Heard revolution planned
By drunken
Wondered if the wine and beer
Gave the outcome
That they got.

Held punch bowls and glasses,
Smoking pipes and dishes,
And bottles, bottles, bottles
For every drinker’s wishes.

Served men and fallen ladies,
It was the privy pit
Of an illegal tavern,
A Revolution’s toilet.

By Kate Rauner and first posted – you guessed it – on July 4th. I’m posting early because we’re headed to our small-town parade which starts at 10 am. July is the start of the monsoon rains in New Mexico and the afternoon will either be too hot (rains not here yet) or too stormy (but people who live in a desert never complain about rain) for parades.

Thanks to nationalgeographic.com and archaeologists digging on the future site of Philadelphia’s Museum of the American Revolution.

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