Mars’ Lost Chance #Mars #science #space #solarsystem #poem #poetry #planet


Fractured remnants of Mars’ magnetic field mapped by NASA

A shallow sea that shimmered
Beneath a sky of blue,
As promising a planet
As any that Life knew.

A passing asteroid
Sheared off it’s northern pole,
Set Mars on a course
To barren, dry, and cold.

It ruined north-south symmetry,
The planet’s never healed.
Destroyed surface protection
By its magnetic field.

Solar winds bombarded,
Air slowly was devoured
By protons and electrons
At a million miles an hour.

Mars clutched at its air with gravity,
But that was not enough.
Its magnetosphere was shattered
And its molten core rebuffed.

A friendly little planet
That could have been a home
To our cosmic brethren
Has left us on our own.

By Kate Rauner

Thanks to’s emily lakdawalla

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