When Living in the Physical World #poem #poetry #carlsagan #skeptic

If you’re only skeptical,confused-stars-falling-md
If you always doubt,
Ideas never make it through.
Where’s the joy of something new?

But if you are gullible
You’ll fill your head with trash.
If proposals all are equal
Your thoughts are so much treacle.

You needn’t choose between
A crotchety coot or a dupe.
When living in the real world,
Both extremes are absurd.

There is a way that does it
In a balance most exquisite –

Scrutinize hypotheses,
Stay open to the novelties.
by Kate Rauner

I was reminded of Carl Sagan’s fine advice at Brainpickings. Sagan’s original article seems to have been taken down, but the fine quote here is worth reading.

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