Viking Carpenter #poem #poetry #Viking


King Harald Bluetooth being baptized – wonder what tools were used to make a barrel?

What tools reside in your garage?
Hammer? File? Driver for screws?
A thousand years ago
What tools did Vikings use?

Tweezers you would recognize,
Pliers, piece of chain.
But what’s a spoon drill look like?
Draw plate for wire frame?

You’ve maybe never built a boat
Or your own home from wood,
The household things you need to fix
Less than a Viking could.

by Kate Rauner

Read more about this unusual discovery of a Viking carpenter’s toolbox at

The archaeologists are still studying the heavily rusted objects, but they’ve already identified several sophisticated hand tools and other metal items, including a set of ‘spoon drills’ that were used to make holes in timber; what looks like a pair of tweezers or small pliers; a ‘clink nail’ used to fasten wooden planks together; four carefully crafted chain links attached to an iron ring; and a drawplate to make metal wires that may have been used in jewelry.

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