White Bread, Wheat Bread – Depends on Your Gut #poem #poetry #health #healthbenefits

are you alone,
You’re like a little world
Where flocks of fungi, viruses,
And bacteria lay curled.

No matter what you think of them
They’ll always live with you,
Will pay their rent with vitamins
And help digest your food.

Your levels of blood sugar
Depend on what you’re eating,
Also on microbes that you host,
Essential to well-being.

The zoo that you contain
Is practically unique,
So it’s your inner swirling mob
That says what’s best to eat

By Kate Rauner

As I’ve rhymed before, It can be surprising to learn we human beings are part of nature whether we like it or not – host to a world of critters – some bad but lots good. Thanks to Popular Science for their article on the glycemic response to white and wheat breads, and especially for pointing out that one study should never change what you eat.

What the study does suggest, however, is that if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic and notice that certain nutrient-rich foods causes your sugar levels to spike, you might be better off avoiding them and finding other, also nutrient-rich foods, that don’t send your sugar levels soaring.”

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