How Hard Can a Hurricane Blow? #poem #weather #hurricane

Hurricane seen from space

Hurricane Isabella from space – size rivals the curve of the Earth

Saffir and Simpson –
wanted to show –
Just how hard –
a hurricane blows.

So they crafted –
their wind scale –
And up it goes –
into the gale.

Less than one hundred –
miles per hour –
Category One –
has plenty of power.

With a hundred fifty –
Cat Five batters –
And no Cat Six –
cause it don’t matter.

How much harder –
could it blow?
Depends on ocean –
heat below.

Warm water is –
a monster’s fuel –
And temperatures creep –
as we review.

Above Cat Five –
it’s all the same –
Smashed and flattened –
broken and maimed.

by Kate Rauner
Try my poetry collection – inspired by science.

Thanks to Herbert Saffir and Robert Simpson, and livescience

Ocean warming chart

Ocean warming over time – check out the trend over many years


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