New Mexico has Mountains #NewMexico #hiking #mountain #travel

Kate Rauner and Reynold among the Rocky Mountain Maples near Cloudcroft NMI’m taking a short hiking vacation near Cloudcroft, New Mexico, USA. Here are pictures from the Lincoln National Forest. Hurray for public lands.

A ridiculously difficult railroad line was built into these mountains in 1899 to move logs and tourists. Yes, the Anglo history of the American southwest included tourists almost from the beginning.

I lived on the plains at the foot of Colorado’s Front Range for many years and my back-east relatives thought that I lived in the mountains. Now I really do live in the mountains and family seems to think all of New Mexico is on a desert floor. America is a bigger place than most Americans realize.

Mexican Canyon tressel preserved in Lincoln National Forest

Trestle from the old railroad line preserved at the end of a lovely hiking trail. Last train ran in 1947.

Now, back to work – my new book about a colony on Saturn’s moon Titan is due out and I’ve got to get all those pesky typos corrected before it goes “live.” Read chapter 1 now and pre-order today so you don’t miss out. Thanks!




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