Earth or the Solar System? Is That Our Choice? #space #science #Bezos

The richest man on Earth asks, “Do we want stasis and rationing or do we want dynamism and growth?”

He offers this as a choice between misery on Earth and prosperity in space. I hope those aren’t the only possibilities- especially since staying on Earth’s my only option.

His colonies will save the Earth, too, by moving all the nasty manufacturing and polluting industries off the planet. He talks about space colonies in the present-tense, as if they existed already. First step – the Moon.

Ultimately, Bezos envisions science-fiction-like rotating space colonies, because low gravity is a problem. He has a point. Low gravity is a lot of problems!

If you don’t aim high, if you don’t start, you’ll never achieve. And I’m glad Bezos doesn’t want to abandon Earth:

Please make no mistake about this, Earth is the best planet. We do need to protect it, it’s essential, it’s our job. We’re now big enough to hurt this planet. We have to use the resources of space.

Perhaps, as seen in a lot of science fiction, it will be fantastically wealthy individuals instead of governments who lead the way into space. If 90% of Earth’s wealth does end up in a few hands (it seems we’re headed that way) I hope they make good plans.

4 thoughts on “Earth or the Solar System? Is That Our Choice? #space #science #Bezos

  1. Well, I do believe our future is in space, and I think expanding into space will be beneficial for our planet. Maybe Bezos is being a little too idealistic, but I’m glad there are people like him who are making an effort.

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    • It’s probably impossible to know everything that humans will want to do in space, so right now we can speculate and launch the effort. There’s a lot to be said for the Moon as a destination – for one thing, it’s close enough to evacuate back to Earth. Things are certainly changing down here on the Blue Planet, when we find individual billionaires leading the charge, but basic research often starts with government funding and then proceeds into the private sector. Let’s just hope the billionaires don’t turn into James Bond villains.

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  2. no matter where a moron moves he’s still a moron, liked your comment, you should make more in depth observations. I don’t think the plan will include the majority, unless there is a way to transport the masses. Have you seen “The Expanse”?

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    • You want me to talk more!? Well she blushes modestly if you insist.
      I haven’t seen The Expanse – I’m not that much into military scifi, but I understand the authors plan several more novels in the book series. Rotating space colonies are still scifi as far as I know – we don’t have the materials to build them yet. How much “gravity” humans need to be healthy isn’t clear, so maybe we’ll get a break. In my latest scifi series, colonizing Titan, there’s a rotating space station producing half the force of Earth gravity. I get to make things up because it’s scifi, but that may actually work for real.
      I assume Bezos’ vision to spare Earth heavy industry means his colonies have to be built from Moon-stuff. More to learn there too! Will millions of people someday move into space just because Earth is too crowded? Will someone finance moving millions into space just to clear out some room? Maybe not.
      It’s not news anymore than fertility rates in industrialized countries are low enough to yield population declines, but even in growing places like Africa, the rate is slowing. If we survive the next generation or two, Earth may be on the road to recovery. As Bezos says, it’s still the best place in the solar system to live. Tourism in space, manufacturing in space – these may become major industries. I’d take a trip to an orbiting hotel or a job in an orbiting facility. But going to space just to live… maybe not. Going into space just to generate huge numbers of new human beings for some abstract greater good? Not likely.

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