You Can Never Believe Your Eyes Again – fake videos #internet #FakeNews #hoax #deepfake

We all knew this was coming, and here it is.

Imagine someone creating a deepfake video of you simply by stealing your Facebook profile pic… Though computer manipulation of video has existed for decades, deepfake systems have made doctored clips not only easier to create but also harder to detect. Think of them as photo-realistic digital puppets.

You don’t have to imagine much longer. Samsung has the technology.

A realistic fake once took big data sets of images and fancy artificial intelligence. No more. (Though, if you happen to be a celebrity, there are lots of images of you out there to make the fake even more realistic.)

Your movies, video games, and TV are about to get better, but watch out for the downside. More than ever before, if a clip pushes your buttons, if it makes your worst fears come alive, engage your BS detector.

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence means that any time a researcher shares a breakthrough in deepfake creation, bad actors can begin scraping together their own jury-rigged tools to mimic it.




4 thoughts on “You Can Never Believe Your Eyes Again – fake videos #internet #FakeNews #hoax #deepfake

  1. I am sure the really scary stuff are things not yet thought of or imagined. Me “I did not rob 300 banks over the holiday weekend” Police interrogator “then explain how your face, got on the CC footage. Then came the DNA replicator. The only solution to this is to have people that do not put a monetary value on anything. When everything is free or has no value, then nothing is worth stealing. Let’s ask a stable genius how to remedy this.

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