Apollo 11 Anniversary Begins – I still get goosebumps #NASA #Apollo50th #Apollo11

Happy Anniversary to Apollo, NASA, America, and the World.

Apollo 11 launched on July 16, human beings walked on the Moon on the 20th, and the astronauts splashed down safely back on Earth on July 24. That’s over a week of anniversaries.

Space Center Houston‘s becoming a bit of a theme park (which means some things cost money and the web-site has annoying pop-ups asking you to subscribe – sigh) so if you’re in the area, check out events here. There are also some neat photos, info, and other stuff on their site.

NASA has reopened Apollo mission control at the Johnson Space Center after a restoration that makes it look like it did in 1969. There’s functioning electronics, familiar furniture and other attentions to detail. The New York Times noted that there are even period-appropriate soft drink cans and cigarettes. engadget.com

So, pull on a short-sleeved, white shirt and narrow, black tie; slide a bunch of pens into your pocket protector; and relive the drama of  Apollo team members left behind on Earth.

You can find hours of Apollo 11 video on You Tube – join the mission yourself. I still get goosebumps and hold my breath as Armstrong pilots the lander. We copy you down Eagle.

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