Your Next Favorite Author May Live Next Door #amreading #localguides #authors

Here’s a fun site. Find books by authors near you. Dozens of large and mid-sized cities (which cover surrounding small towns) to choose from. If you eat local or shop local, you should read local.

Maybe you’ll get to meet your favorite authors. Or bump into them at the grocery store or coffee shop.

My closest city is Albuquerque. What’s yours?

Click now on

One thought on “Your Next Favorite Author May Live Next Door #amreading #localguides #authors

  1. I hope that is true of my neighbor, although it is slow going for this would be writer. Actually I’m amazed when I see how much I’ve compiled. I still have my doubts about generating interest. I have always enjoyed good story teller. I just do not read as much as I would like too. I really liked the book Out of Africa and I thought Isak Denesen that is a pen name. for Karen Blixen. weaved a wonderful alluring picture of British East Africa. I am trying to finish what I think is a fairly unique self help book, a book from the “perspective of the helped” It’s about time we’ve heard the nuts perspective. Writing is a gift that requires an investment, I don’t want to call it work, except when you need to research something. May I ask what was your first book and how many books have you written? Thanks for this post! Write On, pardon the pun!

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