Is There a Young Explorer or Scientist on Your List? Space Books for Kids #giftidea #books #amreading

The Planetary Society has posted a list of recommended books about space for kids. Encourage the young scientists and explorers you know with some of these stories.

From pop-ups and ABCs a parent will enjoy reading to their toddler through middle school and high school, there’s something for every age. I read Generation Mars all by my adult-self without an 8 to 10 year old in sight.

Perfect story for kids around the age of the main character – a girl in third grade. She and her sister attend school and play in the underground colony. Then the big day comes when she takes her first walk on the surface. I like the final sentence, as her father talks with the girl: the future was hers, not his. The illustrations are delightful and showed up very well on my Kindle. As a bonus, the last third of the book offers facts about Mars. Fun with nothing scary for younger children. This would make an excellent gift. My review of Generation Mars

Thanks Emily Lakdawalla. Click here to see the book descriptions with suggested age ranges.

2 thoughts on “Is There a Young Explorer or Scientist on Your List? Space Books for Kids #giftidea #books #amreading

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