Some of the Best Fossils are Tiny Little Things #biology #fossils #fossilfriday

The detail preserved in some fossils is amazing. At a newly described site in Australia, New South Wales, individual cells and even organelles from plants and animals (like I said, amazing) offer a glimpse into ecosystems of the distant past.

Perhaps a modern Australian descendant of the fossilized mygalomorph spider found at McGraths Flat.

The fossilized spiders, cicadas, wasps, plants and fish, which date back to between 11 million and 16 million years ago during the Miocene Epoch, are painting a vivid picture. CNN

One “extremely beautiful specimen” is the best-preserved spider fossil ever found in Australia.

While I admire fossils of dramatic dinosaurs and massive mammoths, lots can be learned from tiny creatures. It takes special circumstances to preserve such fine detail, so sites like these are precious. Some of these little fossils are quite pretty too. Maybe the feathers more so than the spiders.

Thanks to Matthew McCurry, paleontologist, Australian Museum Research Institute.

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