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Where do story ideas come from? Real life! Space junk is a growing issue for NASA and the space industry… and private corporations are big players in orbit today. Both trends will continue, and that launched my new trilogy: Winnie Bravo, Space Pilot. I’ve been hunched over my computer, typing away, for about two years, and it’s time for lift-off.

First, let me share some of my inspiration with you.

How bad is space junk today? This animation from the European Space Agency is an eye-opener.

Here’s a fine assessment of the space junk situation:

There are quite a few concepts and proposals… but unfortunately, my unvarnished assessment is that they are all cockamamie and completely implausible…. There is, in fact, only one thing that we can do about the space junk problem, and that’s to stop making the problem worse. Bryan Dunning, Skeptoid

But, that doesn’t stop real-life companies from trying, one with help from Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple. And Bryan’s opinion encourages me: my story can’t be any more cockamamie that whatever The Woz proposes.

The Moon’s been no walk in the park for NASA astronauts so far. Check out this You Tube of their less graceful moments. Yes, those old pressure suits were stiff, which didn’t help, but what do you expect for a stroll on the Moon?

I couldn’t send my pilots to space without some creature comforts. My story started with Eighth Continent Enterprises, which built a resort and greenhouses on the Moon for guests and crew. Of course, that includes a vineyard! What to call the wine?

La Esperanza winery, Sherman, New Mexico

I borrowed from my own local winery. (Yes, there are wineries in New Mexico.) In my story, I mention Born in Space wine, which you’ll find at La Esperanza, a light crisp semi-sweet natural rose named in honor of a local copper mine. (Yes, if you want electricity and alternative energy, you need copper.) The town of Santa Rita was removed and a vast pit excavated under it. What was once the land’s surface now hovers high in mid-air. People born in Santa Rita say, they were born in space.

Order the Winnie Bravo, Space Pilot trilogy today! All three Kindles available for pre-order now, with print editions coming along as I complete them. (Dratted formatting takes time.)

Celebrate with a special low price during the launch! Each book only 99 cents thru September 15, 2022. Order today and lock that bargain in.

Winnie is brash, reckless, and more than a little annoying as she sets out to prove herself. Capturing a stealth probe that’s destroying satellites seems the perfect way to demonstrate her talents, but the mysterious craft escapes. Now, someone at her corporation’s lunar base is willing to kill to stop her.
If you love rollicking adventures, you won’t be able to put Winnie’s story down. Humanity’s future in space depends on brave men and women, and it may help if they’re a little crazy.

Click here now for Book 1, Lunar Base.

One more treat: A classic old movie on You Tube: Destination Moon – Vintage Science Fiction from 1950. REMASTERED Full movie, 90 minutes.

The film’s premise is that private industry will mobilize, finance, and manufacture the first spacecraft to the Moon, and that the U.S. government will be forced to purchase or lease the technology to remain the dominant power in space. Vintage Science Fiction

Hmm. Sound like today’s headlines? Look at that Star Wars scroll in the opening! Everything old is new again. The movie is too big to embed, so you’ll have to click on the link to enjoy the show:

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