Citizen Scientists Study Hummingbirds in SW New Mexico #bird #birdwatching #citizenscience #ornithology

I visited the Mimbres Culture Heritage Center when they hosted a hummingbird banding weekend. Hummingbirds are fierce little warriors and fascinating to watch. I have three feeders out for them at my house now, and my windy ridgetop is not the best birding location in the county. On your vacation through southwest New Mexico, be […]

Citizen Scientists! Tackle this hundred year old question – can you fry an egg on a summer sidewalk? #citizenscience #summertime

Since at least 1899, Americans have speculated about frying an egg on a summer sidewalk. Can it be done? Short answer – no. Long answer – it depends. Ah! The joy of “it depends.” You can’t believe YouTube! You didn’t really think you could, did you? You’ll have to try for yourself. Do this at […]

Citizen Scientists from 1400s to Today #tech #globalwarming #climatechange #science #datascience

I’m used to seeing climate data from satellites, ships, and weather stations – from Victorian to modern times – documenting global warming since the Industrial Revolution. But I hadn’t expected centuries of data from these sources: In 1442, Shinto priests in Japan began keeping records of the freeze dates of a nearby lake, while in […]

Citizen Scientists Study Mars #science #tech #space

Not everyone can be a professional scientist, but citizen scientists continue to contribute. An international network of amateur astronomers has spotted what looks like two plumes, or slender, cloudy projections, extending from the surface of Mars, and their professional counterparts have no clear idea of what they might be.” NatGeo A lawyer in Pennsylvania first […]