Eat Like a Martian! #Mars #NASA #recipe #space #comfortfood

Dr Proctor got as close to living on Mars as anyone can today. She served on a Mars-simulation mission as an analogue astronaut, and her special mission included food. Food is vital for survival of course, but also provides pleasure and comfort. Even a mission that returns the astronauts to Earth will be long, sometimes […]

Eat Like a Martian, Imagine What Pioneering Will Be – Cassava #space #scifi #Mars #book #paleo #recipe

Settlers on Mars will need to grow their own food. While potatoes may appeal to Americans, the Sino-African colony that joins the first settlers in Born on Mars relies on cassava. As one of the most drought-tolerant crops that can grow in marginal soils, it seems like a good candidate for Mars. You may have […]

Eat Like a Martian – Potatoes #LifeonMars #Mars #NASA #science meets #scifi #book

What does a newbie author have in common with a best seller and with NASA? Potatoes. Recent science fiction stories agree. Potatoes will provide the calories for the first human Martians. NASA wants to know if that will really work. NASA has launched a project to see whether potatoes could grow on the Red Planet, […]

Eat Like a Martian -Banana #Beer in #Space #Mars ?

In my new #scifi #book Born on Mars, a visitor from the European colony tastes banana beer in the Sino-African colony. Not a big part of the story – just a little fun on Mars. Try it yourself at home: You’ll need ripe bananas, some wads of grass, water, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae (which is also […]