Glimmer of Hope – This 100 Year Old Girl Proves Her Species Not Extinct – Yet #nature #extinction #Galapagos

I’ve writen several posts about the sad loss of species to extinction. It’s time for some good news, even if it’s only a glimmer of hope. A rare species of giant tortoise was feared extinct after over 100 years without any sightings on the Galápagos Islands. But now, officials say they’ve found one. An adult […]

Juliet may save Romeo and their whole species – last chance battle with extinction #extinction #nature #environment

Romeo, known as the world’s loneliest frog, has spent 10 years in isolation at an aquarium in Bolivia. Scientists say they have found him a Juliet after an expedition to a remote Bolivian cloud forest. BBC I seem to be finding a number of stories on recent, current, and near extinctions lately. The loneliest frog […]

Another Small, Sad Loss to the World #environment #nature #extinction #SaveTheWorld

The last known member of his species, George the Hawaiian tree snail has died. Before reading his story, I didn’t know George existed, but I know there are many critters in trouble. Extinctions are ramping up around the planet, but Hawaii, where so many species once sheltered from competition now face an influx of outsiders, […]

I’ve Been Baffled for Years, but Maybe Here’s the Reason Why Birds Survived Dinosaurs’ Horrific Extinction #evolution #dinosaurs #chicken #science

In 1980, the Alvarez hypothesis  suggested that an asteroid impact killed off the dinosaurs and many other species in one of the six largest mass extinctions in Earth’s history. That went from crazy idea to mainstream science fairly quickly (because once scientists knew what to look for, the data were overwhelming) and the details are […]