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Kate Rauner Science ficiton writer, poet, firefighter, engineer, and eccentric oldish woman

Kate Rauner, Hanover, New Mexico, USA

Kate Rauner is an engineer living by the Gila Ntnl Forest, a volunteer firefighter, writer of science fiction novels and science inspired poetry.

Kate Rauner is an engineer and Cold War Warrior (honestly, the US Congress said so) who worked in America’s nuclear weapons complex. Now retired on the edge of the southwest’s Gila National Forest with her husband, cats, llamas, and dog, she’s also a volunteer firefighter and writer of science fiction novels and science inspired poetry.

Kate says: I worked for over twenty years at the Rocky Flats Plant.  During the Cold War, Flash Scifi & Fantasy Fiction at http://eepurl.com/bCpx1vI was a Chemical Engineer in a plutonium recycling and purification facility.  I’ve held plutonium in my hands.  Not many people can say that.

After the Cold War fizzled out, I switched to environmental engineering and project planning.

When the decommissioning of Rocky Flats was complete (it’s a wildlife refuge now), I moved to the copper mines around Silver City, New Mexico, including the Santa Rita mine.  Santa Rita has been mined since Native Americans collected copper there long before the Spaniards entered Mexico.

dragonfly trail petroglyph near Silver City NMI’m well on my way to achieving my life’s goal of becoming an eccentric old woman.

Books available from Amazon for Kindle and paperback, from Smashwords in any of the major electronic formats, and at Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Flipkart, Inktera, Versent, and other on-line stores.

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