Your Next Favorite Author May Live Next Door #amreading #localguides #authors

Here’s a fun site. Find books by authors near you. Dozens of large and mid-sized cities (which cover surrounding small towns) to choose from. If you eat local or shop local, you should read local.

Maybe you’ll get to meet your favorite authors. Or bump into them at the grocery store or coffee shop.

My closest city is Albuquerque. What’s yours?

Click now on

On My Way to Mars ? Sort Of #NASA #Mars

Boarding pass to MarsThe spousal unit just sent me my boarding pass. A cute way to travel with NASA on Mars 2020, but I’ll have to bring my own life support.

Citizen Scientists Study Hummingbirds in SW New Mexico #bird #birdwatching #citizenscience #ornithology

I visited the Mimbres Culture Heritage Center when they hosted a hummingbird banding weekend. Hummingbirds are fierce little warriors and fascinating to watch. I have three feeders out for them at my house now, and my windy ridgetop is not the best birding location in the county.

On your vacation through southwest New Mexico, be sure to visit the Mimbres ruins and, if you time it right, see the hummers.

Happy July 4th America #July4 #JulyFourth #Parade

fire trucks line up for a small town July 4th parade

Fire trucks line up on the side street – ready to enter the parade

Independence Day in my small town means a parade that starts at 10am, because summer mornings are brilliantly clear and the day is hot by noon. My volunteer fire department and most departments in the county participated.

We don’t need a European style parade-of-weapons to celebrate. Local political groups, softball teams, and other businesses and organizations fill the street and set up booths in lovely Gough Park where food vendors join the celebration. Share my snapshots and Happy 4th.

Parade marshal and flag hoor guard preare for small town parade

Parade marshal and flag honor guard prepare to march

Local police and flag honor guard lead small town parade

Silver City police lead the flag at start of our small town parade

Flag hoor guard in small town parade

small town parade

They’re off!

Life Happens! Imagine that Interfering with Blog Posts – Pitiful Excuses Follow, and a You Tube :) #blogging #amwriting #amwritingscifi

My posting schedule has crashed recently, and my words-per-day writing is in a slump. Life has been happening. The chief of our volunteer fire department unexpectedly retired to take care of some health issues, and guess who’s the new chief?

I’ve been dealing with finish work for our new station (Hanover) and deferred maintenance at the old station (Ivanhoe.) All while learning about the financial accounting required for the department (I HATE accounting) and getting everything I try to do wrong on the first attempt. Our members help of course, but The Chief is person of last resort. Delivery arriving at the station? Contractor needs access for a job? Call The Chief.

Now, before you feel too sorry for me, it hasn’t been all work. My last couple posts document some fun I’ve had with the spousal unit, and here’s a You Tube stringing together snapshots from my visit to Spaceport America.

It’s not even that all the hours of all my days have been full. But my creative energy does seem to drain away. Time to buck-up and get rolling again!

I’ve updated the cover on my latest scifi book! Found more science fictiony lettering. Check it out on Amazon (because revising images in my blog header and elsewhere is lower on the to-do list.) Read the story on Kindle Unlimited or buy the book! Leave a review. You’d be amazed at how a little encouragement revitalizes me. Do you like buttons to go to a book? I can make a button šŸ™‚Read More buttonI think I’m getting my arms around my life, so watch for more regular posts in the future.

Earth Day 2019 offers a ‘try before you buy’ opportunity #EarthDay #insects #festival

Fried Spiced CricketsMy town of Silver City, New Mexico, USA celebrated Earth Day yesterday. It was a beautiful day in our park full of vendors, a little politics, and information on greenhouses and solar power (which works great in the American southwest.)

Also a booth from the local copper mines where I used to work. Sure, we have huge holes in the ground and huge piles of rocks on both sides of town. We need to protect our ground water and that’s a problem that will extend forever into the future. But if we can’t do a good job extracting copper, who can? Our world is built on copper. While we live in this world today, we need to keep building a better world.

I had a chance to try something new – insects. Free samples of crickets and mealworms, fried crisp, and (at least for the crickets) coated in spices. Very crispy and spicey – that’s my impression. They could have been chopped up bits of very thin chips, so I can’t really tell you what insects taste like. The samples ease Americans into the world of entomophagy.

Find out for yourself. I sent mealworms with my scifi Mars colonists, and here’s one recipe to try at home.

Earth Day in Silver City Gough Park 2019These are the same mealworms you know from home or schoolhouse reptile pets, but if buying lizard food makes you squeamish, they’re also packaged for humans.Ā  Find prepared snacksĀ here when you scroll down.

You can raise your own mealworms at home too – tiny pseudo-cattle for humanity’s future, because you get more protein using less land and water.

Happy Earth Day. She’s the only home we have.

Playhouse, Immersive Art to Touch and Walk Through, Follow the Story #scifiart #NewMexico #travel

Life broke out of my usual little bubble lately, with a fire, the paperwork aftermath of a fire (I’m a volunteer firefighter and lately chief of my department), followed by a couple short road trips. While I catch up with my neglected writing (Titan Book 2 – before it’s available next fall, you’ve got time to read Book 1 about a cult colonizing Saturn’s moon.)

Meow Wolf Santa Fe NM USA parking lot robot art

Meow Wolf parking lot, Santa Fe NM USA. The exhibit is installed in an old bowling alley (background)

Life interferes with my posting schedule, but sometimes a girl’s just gotta have fun. One of my highlights is Meow Wolf. It’s hard to describe – an immersive, interactive art exhibit meets a garage sale wrapped around an immortal hamster, if you care to work out the story. Or just wander and enjoy. Check out the walk-through video! Installations in New Mexico and Colorado. Don’t miss a chance to go.