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Spock Xmas Ornament

Award winning science fiction tale continues – can a cult conquer Saturn’s moon, Titan? #scifi #sciencefiction #readers #gift

Scifi book covers in the Titan series by Kate RaunerFynn’s shoved into a stasis pod onboard a hijacked spaceship. He’s not going back to college – he’s on his way to Titan. In Book 1, their leader’s bizarre behavior splits his father’s cult into factions. As conflicts escalate, can Fynn save his family from the deadly moon’s dangers?

Now in Book 2, Fynn  reluctantly challenges his sister’s tyrannical rule. As a rebel leader, he hopes to keep the colony’s fragile life support running, but struggles among the Kin may doom their chance at survival.

Kin should be your greatest ally, not your greatest threat.

Join me to celebrate the release of Titan Insurgents at a special introductory Kindle price of 99 cents. Perfect for the holidays, whether you look forward to a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, or Festivus 😉

Books make great gifts. Give hours of reading pleasure with nothing to wrap, and let Amazon handle the shipping. Kindle Unlimited too, so treat yourself.

Did you miss Titan, Book 1? No problem. Also 99 cents for the Kindle through December, 2019.

Both books are available in Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback.

Click Here for Titan Book 1

Click Here for Titan Insurgents Book 2

What’s all this hoopla about award-winning?

NM/AZ Book Awards Finalist Badge, November 2019Results from the 13th Annual New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards are in, and 13 is my lucky number. Titan Book 1 is awarded Finalist!

This year 1,545 books were entered in 66 categories.

A little indie like me had to compete with books from large national publishers, so I’m thrilled for Titan to be Finalist in eBook fiction.

Click now, before the 99 cent offer expires at the end of December.


Is There a Young Explorer or Scientist on Your List? Space Books for Kids #giftidea #books #amreading

The Planetary Society has posted a list of recommended books about space for kids. Encourage the young scientists and explorers you know with some of these stories.

From pop-ups and ABCs a parent will enjoy reading to their toddler through middle school and high school, there’s something for every age. I read Generation Mars all by my adult-self without an 8 to 10 year old in sight.

Perfect story for kids around the age of the main character – a girl in third grade. She and her sister attend school and play in the underground colony. Then the big day comes when she takes her first walk on the surface. I like the final sentence, as her father talks with the girl: the future was hers, not his. The illustrations are delightful and showed up very well on my Kindle. As a bonus, the last third of the book offers facts about Mars. Fun with nothing scary for younger children. This would make an excellent gift. My review of Generation Mars

Thanks Emily Lakdawalla. Click here to see the book descriptions with suggested age ranges.

Your Next Favorite Author May Live Next Door #amreading #localguides #authors

Here’s a fun site. Find books by authors near you. Dozens of large and mid-sized cities (which cover surrounding small towns) to choose from. If you eat local or shop local, you should read local.

Maybe you’ll get to meet your favorite authors. Or bump into them at the grocery store or coffee shop.

My closest city is Albuquerque. What’s yours?

Click now on

On My Way to Mars ? Sort Of #NASA #Mars

Boarding pass to MarsThe spousal unit just sent me my boarding pass. A cute way to travel with NASA on Mars 2020, but I’ll have to bring my own life support.

Citizen Scientists Study Hummingbirds in SW New Mexico #bird #birdwatching #citizenscience #ornithology

I visited the Mimbres Culture Heritage Center when they hosted a hummingbird banding weekend. Hummingbirds are fierce little warriors and fascinating to watch. I have three feeders out for them at my house now, and my windy ridgetop is not the best birding location in the county.

On your vacation through southwest New Mexico, be sure to visit the Mimbres ruins and, if you time it right, see the hummers.

Happy July 4th America #July4 #JulyFourth #Parade

fire trucks line up for a small town July 4th parade

Fire trucks line up on the side street – ready to enter the parade

Independence Day in my small town means a parade that starts at 10am, because summer mornings are brilliantly clear and the day is hot by noon. My volunteer fire department and most departments in the county participated.

We don’t need a European style parade-of-weapons to celebrate. Local political groups, softball teams, and other businesses and organizations fill the street and set up booths in lovely Gough Park where food vendors join the celebration. Share my snapshots and Happy 4th.

Parade marshal and flag hoor guard preare for small town parade

Parade marshal and flag honor guard prepare to march

Local police and flag honor guard lead small town parade

Silver City police lead the flag at start of our small town parade

Flag hoor guard in small town parade

small town parade

They’re off!