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Kate Rauner, scifi author

Have you worn out your book bundle site, or maybe you’re on the hunt for your next good read?

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Awesome Gang’s a new kid on the block – been around about a year. It’s founder, Ben Fox says:

As a reader I am incredibly frustrated with online book discovery. Goodreads does almost nothing to help authors meet readers or readers find amazing books (what are they doing with that huge team!!!). At the same time, Amazon sells books the same way they sell toothpaste (hint – it isn’t very exciting). I love wandering around bookstores and letting random books capture my attention. Nothing will ever replace the “bookstore experience”, but I want to reimagine book discovery online with a lot more serendipity and delight. Ben Fox

Star Wars arrived in orbit in January – an early version anyway #space #scifibooks

Last month, a private satellite tracking company spotted a Chinese spacecraft apparently grabbing and throwing a dead satellite away into a “graveyard” orbit. Deutsche Welle (

Space junk is a problem. Earth’s sky is getting crowded with defunct craft and the bits and pieces shed when satellites are launched. Also with debris from collisions and even tools lost by astronauts. Millions of pieces of trash share orbits with only 5,000 functioning satellites. It’s getting crowded up there.

It may even become difficult to tell the difference between accidents that disable satellites and attacks.

Sounds like trouble for the space industry, but a great place for a scifi story. I’m sending pilots into orbit to collect junk with robotic drones, at least, I am with a science fiction trilogy. They’ll deal with accidents and attacks, a lunar base and space station, colonists and mercenaries. Will they defeat the villain behind it all? Will they even discover the culprit once they’re targeted for assassination?

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New Year’s Resolution You’ll Love – Read More Books – Start With Scifi #scifibooks #sciencefiction

Now available: The complete Titan trilogy in a value-priced kindle box set.

Technology fails,
Society shatters.
Trapped on a frozen moon…

Titan Trilogy - scifi - Book covers for Box Set

Can a young engineer save himself, his family, and friends? When Fynn and chosen members of the Kin awaken from stasis, there’s no way back to Earth. With survival at stake, will colonists leave old conflicts behind? Or carry them into a deadly dystopia? Fynn must hold the colony together, whatever the sacrifice, or they’re all lost.

Join Fynn and his family in a battle over the cult’s fate. Explore Titan’s methane lake shoreline and interior dunes. Visit the surface habitat and orbiting space station. Search the Saturn system for resources vital to survival.

NASA’s Cassini probe showed us Saturn’s moon, Titan – larger than the planet Mercury and shrouded in a thick lethal atmosphere. A world where hydrocarbons rain down into lakes of liquid methane. Can humans endure in such a dreadful place? Today, you’ll only discover the answer in science fiction.

“Twists and turns keep things moving… young, engaging characters.” Diane Goudreau
“Faced with overwhelming challenges… We are pulled into a dark spiral.” June Randolph
“Loved the characters.” Irishgrammy
“The cult aspect of the series is fascinating, added an interesting dynamic. Kate is an expert at world building.” Mary E. Young
“A fantastic story.” Traci Haes Vass, Write On! Four Corners KSJE 90.0 FM and podcast
“This tense tale delivers on an ambitious premise, a science fiction psychological thriller.” HL, Liminal Fiction

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Happy Birthday, Stunning Short Stories – Scifi & Fantasy Anthology in Top 20 Every Month for a Year! #amreadingfantasy #shortstories #scifi

Cover of Stunning Short Stories of Fantasy and Science Fiction

With three author friends, I published a collection of eight short stories in science fiction and fantasy. The book has remained in the top twenty of its Amazon categories for a year! And won the 2021 NM/AZ Book Awards for eFiction. Thank you, readers 🙂

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