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Four friends issued a collection of eight short stories – otherworldly adventures we enjoyed writing, that you’ll enjoy reading. Now, Yee Ha! Our anthology won 2021 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards. Celebrate with us! Free Kindle and other favorite formats from favorite stores. Click here now. Enhance your karma and leave a review – a few words is all it takes to help other readers find the book. Thanks

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Analog Astronauts on Simulated Mars #Mars #Space

For a Mars expedition to succeed, we need as much data as possible.

[In October] the Austrian Space Forum – in cooperation with the Israel Space Agency as the host agency and D-MARS – will conduct an integrated Mars analog field mission in the Negev Desert in Israel – the AMADEE-20 Mars simulation.

OEWF ExploringTomorrow. ExploringMars
#AMADEE20 #simulateMars

They’ll evaluate space suit design, deploy instruments and robotic vehicles, and simulate the time lags and Earth-to-Mars coordination that a real mission will encounter.

That last bit may be more difficult than you’d expect. Even with the International Space Station, friction arises between astronauts and earthbound controllers. I suspect that, on Mars, astronauts will demand more autonomy than ever, especially if they plan to stay for the rest of their lives.

Mars isn’t the organization’s only mission. They also launch cube-sats and have a mission underway to remove space junk from Earth orbit. “Scientific models estimate the total number of space debris objects in Earth orbit to be more than 170 million for sizes larger than 1 mm, having impact energies comparable to a gun bullet.” ADLER-1 That’s a lot of junk.

Mars simulations are proliferating here on Earth, but the only way for you to go to Mars today is via science fiction. Check out my Mars series, the first colony, for stories that nail it for realism.

Colony on Mars Box Set Cover - Kate Rauner

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Serial Stories – Have You Met Vella? #Vella #stories

Charles Dickens published his stories this way, and so did Flash Gordon (well, his writers and film-makers did.) It’s the serial!

Have you seen Amazon’s latest format? It’s called Vella, and it presents stories in the time-honored serial format. You get to read a couple episodes for free and then use tokens to buy more of the story. No subscription needed and, to borrow a phrase, you only pay for what you read.

I don’t know all the details, but if this sounds like fun, click over to my Vella page and be sure to claim your free tokens, available now, just to have in your back pocket in case this format tickles your fancy.

I’m giving the format a whirl, so please read my episodes. Be sure to Follow the story and click the Thumbs Up at the end of each episode. You’re doing me a big favor. No need to write a review to help me out – just click. Thank you, thank you, because now others will find my story too. You make all the difference!

Armageddon, One Sucker at a Time
Action / Adventure Scifi Fantasy about Con Artists and the End of the World

Flint Benning has an underground stash of N95 masks and freeze-dried food to last for decades. With a career in black operations, he’s an expert in survival. Surely the world’s elite will pay him for the ultimate Armageddon hide-away.

So why is he bankrupt? Flint will die a pauper in the rubble of humanity’s despair.

Until he meets dooms-dayers with more imagination.

The end of the world is going to be fun.

Thanks to Deposit Photos for Cropped shot of young businessman holding stack of cash at an ethereum mining farm, and to FEMA for the nuclear explosion image.

No Amazon Prime Needed for Free Scifi Adventure on Saturn’s Moon #AmazonPrimeDay #AmazonDeals #scifibooks

Let’s all celebrate Amazon Prime Days whether we have Prime or not. Titan is a free-to-everyone kindle June 21 and 22. No Prime needed, and always waiting for you on Kindle Unlimited.

A hijacked spaceship…
kidnapped colonists…
Can they escape disaster?

Cobbling their life support systems together isn’t enough. A young engineer must defy the leader to survive, or humanity’s new beginning will end in tragedy. Click Now for Your Copy.

Journey into our near future – a story filled with real science and speculative possibilities. Walk under a hazy orange sky. Explore the alien shores of hydrocarbon lakes. Climb cliffs of ice frozen as hard as granite. Search the Saturn system for vital resources. Scientists say Titan is the best place for a human colony, but who would settle here? And why?

“Twists and turns keep things moving… young, engaging characters.” Diane Goudreau
“Faced with overwhelming challenges of the harsh environment on Titan… We are pulled into a dark spiral.” June Randolph
“Loved the characters.” Irishgrammy
“The cult aspect of the series is fascinating, added an interesting dynamic. Kate is an expert at world building.” Mary E. Young

This tense tale delivers on the ambitious premise, a science fiction psychological thriller.

Click now to discover the Kin’s destiny.