When Banned Foods Turn Good – What in the World is Going On? How Will I Know it All? Why Do These Things Happen? Cause It’s Hard #nutrition #science #research #data #poetry #poem #humannature

Science inspired poetry by Kate Rauner

Rats are easier to study

It’s hard to study humans,
They live so very long.
Observing generations
Can’t complete before you’re gone.

They fib on every survey form,
Eat more than they say,
Exercise much less than claimed,
And forget along the way.

Confounding factors multiply
Throughout the lives they lead.
Their choices vary wildly,
Statistics can’t succeed.

They’ll never match a rat for tests,
But if you lure them
to your lab,
You’re not allowed to lock the door,
It’s enough to drive you mad.

By Kate Rauner

Brought to mind by a Forbes article suggesting an ounce or two of cheese a day, even full-fat cheese, may not be bad for you and could even be beneficial. The new study was published in the European Journal of Nutrition. Researchers used data from 15 earlier studies that followed their participants for 10 years. I’ve often seen articles contradict each other over nutritional and exercise claims. Part of that is, the popular media tends to make too much of a fuss over each new study because no one clicks on “maybe,” “suggests,” “slight change,” or “never mind” in the headline. But part of the problem is, it’s hard to study humans in the wild.


Gigantic Planet or Cold Star – Results Make You Wonder #space #astronomy #galaxy #poetry #poem

Science inspired poetry - Kate Rauner

What might a brown dwarf star look like?

So far away
It’s hard to say,
In the center of the Milky Way.

Enormous planet,
It’s gigantic,
Lensing light fantastic.

Consider brown dwarf,
But not big enough
For fusing quarks to morph.

Twenty-two thousand
Lightyears away,
That’s seven thousand parsecs
Into the Milky Way.

by Kate Rauner

OGLE-2016-BLG-1190Lb is a planet so huge (thirteen times the size of Jupiter) that it’s right at the edge of supporting fusion -of being a star.

Science News Today – Announcing Headlines in Rhyme #science #today #research #headline #poetry

I look for science news each day:science inspired poetry Kate Rauner
Donating blood that just may kill someone.
And though to donate is quite kind,
Not for everyone, I find.
Having babies just could
maybe change
a mother’s system
for all time.
Relaxing with a fishing pole:
You may not be the apex predator.
A fish could have the final word,
In a weird way that occurred.
Paramedics save a life by
pulling out a
Dover sole.
A horror story from our kin:
I hardly think that I can read this one.
Infanticide may not be rare,
Among the male chimps that dare.
Hiding in the bush
may be
the only way
to win.
There’s something
A silly app was worth the price:
A wrist computer may have saved his life.
His resting heart rate showed distress,
A sign of pulmonary stress.
Sent him out for help instead
of trying hard to find
an educated guess.
There’s something
A little research doesn’t aid:
To prove the worth of magic mushrooms.
You’d like to think the sadness fades,
But this one doesn’t make the grade.
Now we have hypotheses
to carry on
For more decades.
There’s something
Can the depths of Earth effect the sky:
Volcanoes may have doomed an ancient land.
Though flecks of aerosols are small,
A cloud could change the rainfall.
When floods were good
a drought could
destroy the crops
supporting urban sprawl.
There’s something
by Kate Rauner
Could a random list of articles fit into a single poem? Maybe – with inspiration from The Beatles. Here’s the list, though I need help with my poem’s cadence.


Armageddon and Catastrophe to Blow Your Mind Unless No Questions Asked #doomsday #end #poetry #history

end of the world coming - or not


Doomsday always interests,
Fascinates, attracts.
People from across the globe
Just gotta click on that.

A preacher on the radio
Foresees apocalypse.
Or ancient Mayan calendars,
Our future’s bleak from this.

You’ll view a post on YouTube
That says the end began,
And now we all just have to watch
Unfurling of god’s plan.

Planet X is hiding
On the far side of the sun,
To pop out when the prophet says
Disaster has begun.

Really, people, really?
So often said, a bore
When someone warns the end is here.
We’ve heard it all before.

Earthquakes and every comet
Lead to such predictions.
Storms will ravage, plagues do kill,
Through natural conditions.

Always keep an open mind
But don’t let your brains fall out.
Be skeptical and think it through,
Belief comes after doubt.

by Kate Rauner

I don’t understand why people seem weirdly delighted at the end of the world – maybe the same reason they watch horror movies. Relax with space.com, and check some history on rationalwiki.

Horrible Creatures Have a Place in the World – How Revolting #poem #poetry #biology #nature

Kate Raune rhymes parasites :O

Tick fossilized in amber – they’ve been around a long time

My dog is scratching at his fleas,
There’s mistletoe throughout my trees.
Can climate change be all bad
If it kills a few of these?

Egg to larva to adult,
From fish to foul they catapult
Their complex lives to realize,
Or from seeds and spores result.

Successful parasites don’t kill,
They want their hosts to thrive, yet still
Niches open when they go
To creatures worse that will.

Some are horrible, it’s true,
We won’t miss River Blindness soon.
Next time your tummy’s sick, just know
They’re part of Mother Nature’s glue.

by Kate Rauner

Thanks to a study published in the journal Science Advances, completed with the help of the U.S. National Parasite Collection, as well as specialized databases of ticks, fleas, bee mites, and feather mites; and to techtimes Many thanks to the

Carter Center, because some parasites simply have to go. But it’s interesting to think about the little nasties we’ve adapted to live with – and them with us.

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How Hard Can a Hurricane Blow? #poem #weather #hurricane

Hurricane seen from space

Hurricane Isabella from space – size rivals the curve of the Earth

Saffir and Simpson
wanted to show
Just how hard
a hurricane blows.

So they crafted
their wind scale
And up it goes
into the gale.

Less than one hundred
miles per hour
Category One
has plenty of power.

With a hundred fifty,
Cat Five batters,
And no Cat Six,
cause it don’t matter.

How much harder
could it blow?
Depends on ocean
heat below.

Warm water is
a monster’s fuel
And temperatures creep
as we review.

Above Cat Five,
it’s all the same,
Smashed and flattened,
broke and maimed.

by Kate Rauner
Try my poetry collection – inspired by science.

Thanks to Herbert Saffir and Robert Simpson, and livescience

Ocean warming chart

Ocean warming over time – check out the trend over many years

This is the Strange Value of the Best Fossil Poo #dinosaurs #fossils #science #evolution #poetry #poem

fossilized poo - resource for science

This legendary fossilized feces specimen is named “Precious”

Brontosaurus is amazing,
And likewise is T Rex,
But what about the beetles
That hold food chains erect?
Fin rays and fish scales
And bits of parasites,
The ins and outs of ecosystems
Found in coprolites.

Ancient relationships
That underlain the world
Of millions of years ago,
Their secrets are unfurled.

Toe – mography
Without destroying fossils
Enables us to see

Deep into the past
Of ecology,
To reconstruct
just who ate whom
On life’s ancient tree.

by Kate Rauner

Thanks to phys.org, and read more on wikipedia. More poo poetry here 😀