Twisters on Titan? What Waits for Us on Saturn’s Moon #SaturnLovers #exploration #SolarSystemWeek

Artist's concept of NASA's Dragonfly landing on Titan

Artist’s concept of Dragonfly ‘copter drone landing and flying over Titan

Titan might be Mars-like, at least in terms of dust devils.

An awful lot is different. Saturn’s moon, Titan, has  an “enormous, puffy atmosphere” while Mars is nearly a vacuum. Titan’s dust is organic – particles of frozen methane or tars. Mars is rock powder. But the available data suggest dust devils could form on Titan. (Thanks to for pointing out work published March 3 in the journal of Geophysical Research.)

Nasa’s Dragonfly mission may settle the question. It’s scheduled to launch in 2026 and land on Titan in 2034. Given the long build-ups to space missions, that’s around the corner.

Until Dragonfly, you’ll have to travel to Titan in science fiction. Try my award-winning story:

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