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25NOV2022: Happy Black Friday! The traditional start to the Xmas holiday season, followed the next day by Small Business Saturday, and you can’t get an author-business much smaller than me.

Black Friday lures shoppers off the sofa with discounts, but get my latest space adventure without moving more than your clicking thumbs, and the kindle ebook is FREE. FREE on Saturday too. Hurry and claim your copy now before the turkey leftovers lure you away. My Canadian friends have a real advantage. They celebrated Thanksgiving in mid-October and have their wits about them today.

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A young pilot is brash, reckless, and more than a little annoying as she sets out to prove herself. Capturing a stealth probe that’s destroying satellites seems the perfect way to demonstrate her talents, but the mysterious craft escapes. Now, someone at her corporation’s lunar base is willing to kill to stop her. CLICK HERE NOW

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Colonize Mars in our near-future, join a cult on Saturn’s moon Titan, and gallivant through near-Earth-space with a newly minted pilot. Science fiction and fantasy, full novels and short stories. Click here now.

Sci fi book covers - stories by Kate Rauner

As promised, here’s an award-winning collection of short science fiction and fantasy:

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Closer to a Moon Landing #OrionSpacecraft

NASA’s Orion spacecraft, a ship intended to carry a crew sometime soon, had a successful launch on its trip to orbit the Moon. This is a test of the systems, so Orion will perform some intricate orbital acrobatics over the next three weeks, coming within 60 miles of the Moon’s surface at one point, and swinging out 40,000 miles at another.

If you missed the launch, here it is. Look at those solid rocket boosters!

The spacecraft should return home on December 11, at which time it will need to survive atmospheric reentry and a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean… When all is said and done, Orion will have traveled 1.3 million miles (2.1 million kilometers)—the longest distance ever traversed by a crew-rated capsule. But that’s not all, as Orion will set records for remaining in space longer than any other crew-rated spacecraft without docking to a space station and for being the hottest and fastest crew-rated capsule to hit Earth’s atmosphere. [All without a crew on board, since this is a test flight.] Gizmodo

Orion will also take pictures, and plans to emulate this classic Apollo 8 picture of Earth rise over the lunar surface. Find more from NASA on the cameras, click here:

Will astronauts step boots on the Moon once again in this decade? It’s an exciting plan. In the meantime, you can only go to the Moon in science fiction. Join a young pilot on the Moon, in orbit, and on the Earth in my latest trilogy. Hurry up and read the books before real-life overtakes the story.

Science fiction trilogy: Winnie Bravo, Space Pilot, book covers

Humanity’s future in space depends on audacious pilots, and it may help if they’re a little crazy.

Winnie Bravo is brash, reckless, and more than a little annoying as she careens from adventure to adventure, determined to prove herself.

She pursues a nefarious space probe and a scoundrel who will stop at nothing. What she discovers may get her killed, or worse, fired.

If you love traveling to the future for rollicking adventure, you won’t be able to put Winnie’s story down.

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Trash is Only One Problem Facing Martian Colonists #science and #scifibooks

NASA has a project manager for trash – of course it does.

There’s a lot of problems with space [trash] because we’ve got limited power, volume, and mass. You also want to be able to take the liquids out and process those or reuse it.” One project NASA is working on right now is a compaction system that could turn astronaut garbage into tiles that can be used for practical applications like radiation shielding. Steve Sepka talking to The Daily Beast

Right now, today, we drop debris without much worry, aside from trying to avoid contamination with earthly lifeforms.

In fact, we’ve dumped an estimated 15,694 pounds of trash on Mars from the past 50 years of exploration alone. And even that’s tiny in comparison to the whopping 400,000 pounds of garbage including materials, rovers, rocket boosters, and assorted national flags we’ve left behind on the moon. The Daily Beast

Reuse and recycle becomes a key factor in human missions to Mars because it’s so costly to send materials to the planet, and that’s not all. More exciting problems face a real-life Mars colony.

How many tools and resources could colonists afford to take with them? How long will those last and how will they be replaced? What resources can settlers extract from the planet, and how will they produce the necessities of life on a deadly world? How many hours a day would you work if your life depended on it? An article in Nature tackles the problems:

From a practical point of view, it is not clear how many years it would take to achieve a reasonable level of self-sufficiency, how many rockets would be required to send resources and goods and what would be the way of life and the organization of society… If a slow settlement process is already a great challenge, what if time and payloads were constrained and the objective was the long term survival of the group without help from Earthlings?

Logically speaking, from an engineering standpoint, survival can be simply expressed as follows: $$working\,time\,requirements < working\,time\,capacity$$ Nature

Colony on Mars book covers

You don’t need to do the math. A scientist figured it out for you – the minimum number of individuals needed in a colony for survival on Mars is 110. Read the article to see how that’s calculated and lots more details. Or, join my science fiction colony. (Better yet, do both.)

Take a marvelously detailed journey into the near-future. Colonists cling to humanity’s first fragile foothold on the Red Planet and struggle on through generations, battling the deadly planet and each other. Because no matter how noble the aspirations, how alluring the technologies, survival requires individual intelligence, ingenuity, and courage.

In these five full-length novels exploring a colony on Mars, join a different settler in each book in a creative mix of science and storytelling that nails it for realism. Someday, real settlers will tell tales like these.

Click here now for the complete series.

Commercial Sq Footage in Space – Coming Soon [?] #space #orbit

The world’s largest hybrid space station for work and stay, featuring spacious microgravity modules, and a rotating Gravity Ring. Can it be true?

Science fiction has given us rotating habitats forever – I’ve done it myself. But Orbital Assembly is a real-life company aiming to place a 28-person station in orbit by 2025 with one-half Earth gravity provided. Since a job in space is likely to still be… a job… residents will need recreation. OA is forming a strategic collaboration with Dream Big World to develop the first terrestrial retail experience in space.

Note that word experience. Right now, they’re talking virtual. But this is also “The first of many real estate leasing deals we plan to sign as we develop and launch these tourist, industrial and commercial stations.” Orbital Assembly CEO Rhonda Stevenson.

Imagine yourself as an space tourist. You fly to an orbiting station. There are zero-g areas and half-g areas where you can play. Incredible views of Earth, the Moon, and stars beckon. You have (my guess) spent your life savings, so it’s your once-in-a-lifetime trip.

What do you want to do? Go shopping? Why? Did you forget your toothbrush? Need another tee-shirt? Didn’t you bring a compact scientific experiment in your luggage? Let us all know in the comments below.

Until OA’s station actually flies, you need science fiction to enter orbit. My new trilogy, Winnie Bravo, Space Pilot, includes a resort on the Moon. Yes, there is shopping for tourists, but Winnie is a newly minted pilot, and this is her story.

She’s brash, reckless, and more than a little annoying as she chases space junk through orbit. Capturing a stealth probe that’s destroying satellites seems the perfect way to demonstrate her talents, but the mysterious craft escapes. Now, someone at her corporation’s lunar base is willing to kill to stop her.

Read Winnie’s story today, before scifi turns into reality! Click here now.