Writing Advice: Interview with Kate Rauner — W. Wang’s World Commentary

Writing Tips Book Cover

A dozen authors local to Silver City New Mexico have assembled tips for anyone interested in writing

It’s a treat to be interviewed, and here’s a great place to read about the writing secrets book I contributed to, my own scifi, and lots more. Check it out via Writing Advice: Interview with Kate Rauner — W. Wang’s World Commentary

This is Impossible, But I Read it Anyway #fossil #dinosaur #DNA

Dinosaur Hypacrosaurus  artist's reconstructionCartilage with DNA’s chemical signature? From a dinosaur? Preposterous.

One study found that half of remaining DNA deteriorates every 521 years. Granted, different levels of preservation exist, but that says finding wooly mammoth DNA is amazing. Dinosaurs? Impossible.

But if there’s any chance at all, it’s fascinating.

Chinese Academy of Sciences paleontologist Alida Bailleul and her colleagues think they’ve got the proof.

Okay – I see “China” and I’m more skeptical than usual. Some questionable reports come out of China. But so do some remarkable fossils.

What about bacterial contamination, whether recent or ancient? What about analytical errors handling what-must-be tiny samples? Should we even talk about this before replication studies are published?

Keep an eye open. Every controversial field of study had to start someplace.

Firefighters Respond Even During a Pandemic

Green dye rubs off on my hand

My gloves are green. Can you tell?

Fire call today. Only the second my volunteer department had since the virus lock-down.

We serve a small rural district and our 900 or so residents don’t burst into flames very often. My husband and I don’t do EMS, and that’s the majority of calls.

A lady was “burning something” and managed to burn down her storage shed and set fire to a hillside. BTW, it’s illegal to burn household trash, just so you know.

When my gloves get wet, they always leave green dye on my hands. But no one was hurt, no equipment damaged, and just a shed – not a house – burned down. So I’m content.

How to Pass the Salt While Social Distancing

Some people are brillaint

USGS Releases Best Map of the Moon Ever #usgs #geology #moon

In case any of you lunar fans missed it, the “Unified Geologic Map of the Moon” will serve as the definitive blueprint of the moon’s surface geology. Apollo-era maps have been updated with information from recent satellite missions. You can download a HUGE version of the map directly from the Unified Geologic Map of the Moon website or a friendlier version from this article.

Everyone seems too excited to make the color code key to the map easy to find. I’ve seen it, but not in a form I could download for you. Keep looking. It’ll pop up eventually. Maybe it’s in that HUGE file. I didn’t subject my poor little laptop to the download.

50 Years of Earth Day #EarthDayAtHome

Apollo 11 view of Earth rise frmo the moon

Earth rise from the Moon – Apollo 11

I can’t say it better than NASA:

Fifty years ago, people around the world celebrated the first Earth Day (April 22, 1970). Organizers selected dates and planned activities specifically to engage young people in the growing environmental awareness movement.

As most of us observe Earth Day at Home this year, NASA has pulled together a variety of resources from across the agency into this online toolkit. The toolkit complements NASA’s Earth Day at Home collection, which includes an online quiz, videos, posters and other resources created specifically for Earth Day 2020.

You also can find a variety of agency-wide resources at NASA at Home and at NASA STEM at Home, as well as in Spanish on Ciencia de la NASA.

All NASA’s resources are free and available to teachers and students, parents, civic leaders, museums and anyone else to use and enjoy. NASA’s Toolkit Page

I planted a tree today 🙂

Twisters on Titan? What Waits for Us on Saturn’s Moon #SaturnLovers #exploration #SolarSystemWeek

Artist's concept of NASA's Dragonfly landing on Titan

Artist’s concept of Dragonfly ‘copter drone landing and flying over Titan

Titan might be Mars-like, at least in terms of dust devils.

An awful lot is different. Saturn’s moon, Titan, has  an “enormous, puffy atmosphere” while Mars is nearly a vacuum. Titan’s dust is organic – particles of frozen methane or tars. Mars is rock powder. But the available data suggest dust devils could form on Titan. (Thanks to Space.com for pointing out work published March 3 in the journal of Geophysical Research.)

Nasa’s Dragonfly mission may settle the question. It’s scheduled to launch in 2026 and land on Titan in 2034. Given the long build-ups to space missions, that’s around the corner.

Until Dragonfly, you’ll have to travel to Titan in science fiction. Try my award-winning story:

Scifi Book Covers: Titan by Kate RaunerFynn thought he’d escaped his family’s cult until he’s kidnapped to Titan. With no way home, can he keep himself and the Kin alive?

Available in eBook and paperback on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited too.