Practice for #Mars – Eat Like a Martian at Home #MarsSurvivalTips

In my book Glory on Mars, Martian colonists grow their own food – including mealworms, which have as much protein as beef. So I was pleased to discover you can try this yourself at home. Harvest enough mealworms to replace traditional meat in four or five dishes – right on your desk or countertop… fry […]

Eat Like a Martian – How to Make a Mealworm Snack :) #Mars #scifi #science #space #recipe #entomophagy

In my science fiction book, Glory on Mars, settlers raise their own food. What would you take on a one-way journey to Mars? You’d bring enough dried, compressed, packaged food to survive for a while, but living on Mars means growing your own. Protein and Fat Even on Earth, some people question the sense of […]

How to Eat Like a Martian – What Pioneering Will Be Like – Fish Supper #scifi #Mars #space #recipe

The first colonists on Mars take a one-way trip – is that a mistake? While we wait for the answer – what’s for supper? My new science fiction book, Glory on Mars, explores what life will be like on the red planet. There’s exploration and danger. There’s also supper – recipes below. I give my […]

Shabby Martian Colony Suddenly in Struggle to Survive – Meet the Author #scifi #sciencefiction #Mars #author #read

Today I welcome a fellow Martian – well, another author of scifi on Mars – Cheryl Lawson. Cheryl grew up in South Africa and lives in Canada. She’s an artist and photographer too, but today I want her to talk about Mars. So Cheryl, tell us a bit about your book We Are Mars – […]