Serial Stories – Have You Met Vella? #Vella #stories

Charles Dickens published his stories this way, and so did Flash Gordon (well, his writers and film-makers did.) It’s the serial!

Have you seen Amazon’s latest format? It’s called Vella, and it presents stories in the time-honored serial format. You get to read a couple episodes for free and then use tokens to buy more of the story. No subscription needed and, to borrow a phrase, you only pay for what you read.

I don’t know all the details, but if this sounds like fun, click over to my Vella page and be sure to claim your free tokens, available now, just to have in your back pocket in case this format tickles your fancy.

I’m giving the format a whirl, so please read my episodes. Be sure to Follow the story and click the Thumbs Up at the end of each episode. You’re doing me a big favor. No need to write a review to help me out – just click. Thank you, thank you, because now others will find my story too. You make all the difference!

Armageddon, One Sucker at a Time
Action / Adventure Scifi Fantasy about Con Artists and the End of the World

Flint Benning has an underground stash of N95 masks and freeze-dried food to last for decades. With a career in black operations, he’s an expert in survival. Surely the world’s elite will pay him for the ultimate Armageddon hide-away.

So why is he bankrupt? Flint will die a pauper in the rubble of humanity’s despair.

Until he meets dooms-dayers with more imagination.

The end of the world is going to be fun.

Thanks to Deposit Photos for Cropped shot of young businessman holding stack of cash at an ethereum mining farm, and to FEMA for the nuclear explosion image.

Short Reads in Scifi and Fantasy – Great Price UPDATE for a few more hours, Great Fun #scifi #sciencefiction #scififri #stories #shortstory

A lazy summer day is the perfect time for a short story or some flash fiction. Come to think of it, so’s a commute or a break during the day. My collection of short science fiction and fantasy stories, now available on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents. Two days only at this ridiculous price, starting June 1st 8 am PDT 4 pm BST through June 3rd 1 pm PDT 9pm BST. If you’re late, don’t despair. Discounts continue through June 5th, so check it out.

BTW – Wondering how those times were chosen? Don’t ask me. It’s an Amazon thing.

UPDATE: I put my collection on Kindle Select, which means if you use Kindle Unlimited or the Kindle Owners Lending Library (KU or KOLL) you’ve already paid for this book. So you might as well read a story now.

Christmas is Practically Here – eBooks are Greatest Last Minute Gift Bargains #ebook #book #giftideas

Join a near-future colony on Mars - AMazon and all major online storesTwas the night before Christmas –
Thought my shopping was done,
Till I sprang from the couch.
I’d forgotten someone!

No worries. Send an ebook at the speed of light – an affordable last minute gift.
Glory on Mars, Colonization Book 1: Emma wants to explore and build a new home, but something is terribly wrong on Mars. At Amazon or your favorite store. Read a preview on Amazon.

Someday soon you’ll be reading real-live tales of a colony on Mars. Until then, travel with science fiction. Each book in my On Mars series is a stand-alone story, so start anywhere. Hours of reading fun for teens and adults.

A book’s faster than eagles
On its internet flight.
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night.


Happy New Year – Best Wishes for 2017 #happynewyear

mexican-sun-400x300Hanukah and Kwanzaa continue, but after New Year’s Eve the holiday season winds down fast. Between publishing books and celebrating, my schedule’s been erratic. I guess it’s time to settle back into a routine.

I had a nice Xmas surprise – on Xmas Day all four of my On Mars novels were in the top half of their Amazon category ranks – with Glory on Mars in the top 13% and Water on Mars in the top 16%. For a newbie author, that feels good. Thanks to everyone who read about adventures in the first near-future colony on Mars. If you haven’t read all four stories, now’s the time.

Here’s wishing you a good 2017 and thanks for your support.

There are links for preview reads of my scifi and poetry , or for purchase from your favorite online stores, including Amazon, here.