New Mars Covers are Here – big deal for me, so hope you like them #scifiart #mars #

Colony on Mars book covers“They” claim you decide whether to click in a fraction of a second, so covers determine whether you look at a book. No matter how good the story, if you don’t click, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve been dithering over new covers for my Mars Colony series and finally pushed the button. I hope you like them. You’ll find the new covers on Amazon today and other favorite stores by the end of the week.

Intrigued? Good. If you haven’t joined me on Mars yet, click today 🙂

Button - Click Itscience fiction book covers - Kate Rauner


People Absolutely Judge a Book by its Cover – Will These Make You Click? #scifi #mars #books

Please help me with my book covers. A good book cover inspires readers to click to get the description. You can view my current On Mars series covers in the header above – but maybe I can do better. Please comment on these possibilities below –  what do you think of the concepts? Would you click? All comments welcome and thanks 🙂


I’ll be looking for better figures, but like these




























Version in a lava tube

Version in a lava tube











Version outside under the sky

Version outside under the sky