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Write On! Four Corners KSJE

What a treat to appear on this great radio show and podcast. If you ever wondered what I sound like (and, after all, who hasn’t) now’s your chance. Listen to Traci and me discuss my award-winning scifi novel, Titan, about a cult colonizing Saturn’s moon. Then check out Traci’s other interviews for Write On! Four Corners, and more podcasts from KSJE.

“A fantastic story.” Traci HaesVass, Write On! Four Corners KSJE 90.0 FM and podcast


What Happens When a Cult Colonizes Saturn’s Moon? Looks Like a Crazy Plan #scifi #sciencefiction #solarsystem #Saturn #giftidea

It’s here at last! A year in the writing and editing. I’m going to curl up in a corner with a mug of eggnog, but please… Join other fans today!

Titan opened as a #1 New Release on Amazon! A fleeting honor since there are so many new books on Amazon, but I’m still thrilled.

Fynn learns his father’s secret when he’s shoved into a stasis pod. He’s not going back to college, he’s joining his family’s cult to colonize Saturn’s moon. Get the book on Amazon, Kindle or paperback, or read on Kindle Unlimited and KOLL.

Real readers love it:

This is an amazing sci-fi that I could not put down. Read it all up in one sitting over a weekend – lost a lot of sleep but worth it. Patricia Eroh

I devoured this book in less than two days. cany58

Feel like you were there experiencing some of the accomplishments, frustrations and trials of building their first colony. There is mystery, secrets, and murder; there are characters you will wonder about their agenda. There is a major tragedy. PC