Cosmic Event Coming Soon… Maybe – there’s always a maybe! #astronomy #stars #space #telescope

Constellation Cygnus outlined as Northern Cross


KIC 9832227 is a binary star in the constellation Cygnus, and it’s about to explode.

Most statements like that about cosmic events then go on to say “in a billion years” or something similar. Time is different for you and me versus the universe.

Not KIC 9832227! The two stars are:

likely to merge into a single star in the year 2022 and create an explosive event called a red nova that should be visible to the naked eye.

The stars are currently orbiting so close to one another that they’re actually touching and sharing a single atmosphere. They’re spinning faster and faster and getting closer together.

We should see KIC 9832227 brighten to a magnitude 2 (about as bright as Polaris) for about six months. The exact timing is projected to be 2022.2 ±.6. From Brian Dunn,

Sigh. There’s a “maybe.” Wikipedia, those spoilsports, say this date is unlikely because of some variations in stellar movements that we don’t understand well.

It seems that I’ll find out who’s right soon enough.

Exotic Weather Far Away #star #Hubble #space #weather

Jupiter has its Great Red Spot
And now we find it’s clear,
There’s a bigger storm on a bigger world
A thousand light-years near.

How Jupiter may compare in size

How Jupiter may compare in size

Careening round its own star,
Locked to face one way,
It blows impressive winds from
Endless night side to always day.

Its clouds are flecked with minerals,
With rubies and sapphires.
If you think you’d die to go,
You would indeed expire.

Around the star HAT P dash seven,
In the constellation of the Swan,
Gems ride on sparkling winds
Round a planet with no dawn.
By Kate Rauner

Thanks to for their article on a giant planet with jeweled clouds.

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