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Poems inspired by science https://books2read.com/u/bOrE99Hurray.

After working through several versions with problems like, the page numbers are missing, Rhyme and Reason Three is available now in a digital edition at Amazon and other major on-line book-sellers. The paperback edition is on Amazon and Create Space.

No matter how many notes I take, I learn something new with each book I publish – darn it. So I’ve also updated the formatting for Rhyme and Reason and Rhyme and Reason Two.

Now’s the time to collect all three.

My poetry is inspired by the real, objective world we all share and by Richard Feynman – one of the most important physicists of the 20th Century and certainly the most interesting. He wrote that

Poets say science takes away from the beauty of the stars – mere globs of gas atoms. I too can see the stars on a desert night, and feel them. But do I see less or more? The vastness of the heavens stretches my imagination – stuck on this carousel my little eye can catch one-million-year-old light. A vast pattern – of which I am a part… It does not do harm to the mystery to know a little about it. For far more marvelous is the truth than any artists of the past imagined it. Why do the poets of the present not speak of it? What men are poets who can speak of Jupiter if he were a man, but if he is an immense spinning sphere of methane and ammonia must be silent?”

Spheres of methane and ammonia make me rhyme, and so does earthbound science. Rhyme and Reason Three includes the popular Desert Watermelon. Here’s an excerpt:

Ruby slabs of watermelon
Decorate my table,
While in the wild deserts
Its ancestral stock is stable.

Civilization could collapse,
There could be Armageddon.
But in five thousand years,
Survivors could
-Again –
Have watermelon.

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My New Book Venture Now Available

VENTURE FINAL 6JUN2014 (682x1024)Woo hoo! I’ve taken the plunge and published my new book as both an ebook and a print-on-demand paperback. I had to learn a lot about several software programs to accomplish this, but since I don’t do cross-word puzzles, my brain needed the exercise.

Look for electronic editions of my books on Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook, Smashwords for all major electronic formats; and on Apple, Kobo, Flipkart, Inktera, and Versent. If you don’t see one of my books at your favorite site, please check on Smashwords.

Venture is available in paperback today on CreateSpace, on Amazon within a week or so, and other outlets in the Create Space network in another month.

Join an international crew as they ferry their commercial space station to an enigmatic anomaly in Mars’ orbit. Here our solar system touches the Helios star system, a portal that was discovered decades ago and may be lost.

Harry joined the mission to escape loneliness on Earth and to indulge his obsession for gardening in space. He finds relationships grow like gardens, though not always as expected.

Along their journey, they mine a dangerous comet and visit the small colony on Mars. Tensions flare among the crew, threatening their mission. Things don’t go as planned and the crew must act to save their mission and their lives.

A story combining adventure with life aboard a space station.  Read an excerpt now: Continue reading