When Rain is Made of Dust – life in the dry American Southwest #dust

rain spotted windows

After the wind-whipped drizzle

I live in dry mountians, on the edge of the Gila National Forest, and always said I wouldn’t complain about rain. But this is ridiculous. Accompanied by strong winds, a cloud dropped its virga to the ground and welded dust against all my windows. Our dust sticks to glass like nothing I’ve ever seen. It will take a lot of work to clean those windows. I’ve never found anything that works very well – and, yes, I’ve tried newspaper, squeegies, vinegar, and a slue of commercial products. New Mexico dust is serious dust.

Happy spring.

Hellas a Crater – a poem by Kate Rauner

The largest impact crater seen,
The largest that we’ve found,
Could not exist on gaseous worlds,
It’s gouged in rocky ground
The Hellas Basin’s found on Mars,
From crater rim to dusty floor,
Nine thousand meters is its depth,
The height that airplanes soar.
The basin sits at antipode
To enormous shield volcanoes
That rise upon the Tharsis Bulge,
Punched right through the globe.
Dust emerges from its depths,
Storm after storm a’ chasing,
Enveloping and planet wide,
It should be called Hell’s Basin.

I’m working on a novel about colonizing Mars, and dust will be a huge problem. The Hellas Basin is known for its dust storms.