We’re the future because we can make things work :) #education #science

Science Olympiad - setting up Roller Coaster eventScience Olympiad at Western New Mexico University – middle and high school kids in a science fair competition – teams impound their “builds” this morning- spouse and I are volunteer event supervisors.

Science Olympiad - impounding "build" events


Hundred Year Old Drawings Record a Young Man’s Dream #whenyougrowup #learning #school #career #history #familyhistory

Gear and Pinion drawing from a great-uncleA hundred years ago this month, a young man wanted to be a designer-draftsman. In classes, he produced drawings that are fascinating and beautiful. But the job market didn’t allow him to enter his chosen field. He did something else, fell in love, married, raised a daughter, and eventually left the family home in New York to retire with his wife to a small apartment in Florida.

That young man was my husband’s great uncle. I never heard him talk about his early ambition. By the time I met him it was ancient history. But all through the years, even when he had to shed possessions to downsize their home, Uncle Irving kept a half-dozen drawings from his drafting classes.

After he died, Aunt Mildred gave the drawings to my husband and me. She said, since we were engineers, she hoped we’d appreciate them. The drawings had been rolled up for decades, but with care I was able to mount them in frames. They’ve hung in our home ever since. Uncle Irving, you would have been a great designer-draftsman.