Research that’s Hilarious – Luck May Be a Skill #science #selfhelp #psychology

Seven Lucky Gods with Lucky CatI’m smart in a school-smart way. Always got good grades. But if I could choose, I’d rather be lucky than smart. Well, okay – there have been times I’d rather be pretty, but lucky’s a good choice too. Today’s post wanders into self-help. Learn to be lucky.

Wiseman provided a group of volunteers with a newspaper and instructed them to count the photographs inside.

Written in large font on half of the second page was this message: “Stop counting—there are 43 photographs in this newspaper.” A similar insert placed halfway through the paper read, “Stop counting, tell the experimenter you have seen this and win $250.”

Overall, the self-identified unlucky participants were left counting. It suggested that luck could have something to do with spotting opportunities, even when they were unexpected.

The researcher created a class to teach people to become luckier and it worked for most students. One assignment was to talk to at least one new person every week, because you won’t find new opportunities if you’re stuck in a rut.

As another luck-researcher says, anxiety literally narrows your perception and you just don’t see opportunity.

One of the factors that sets lucky people apart from the unlucky is how they ‘create, notice, and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives.’

You can teach your kids, and yourself, how to be luckier.

Reports in the popular press often take research out of context and leave out the ifs, ands, and buts. So  I offer no guarantees. But, maybe, here’s research you can use.