Focus on a Sign of Spring #Haiku #poem #poetry #insect #spring

First roly poly
Creeps from the thawing compost
A true sign of spring

by Kate Rauner




Pill bugs, roly polies or doodle bugs – much nicer names than woodlouse

Bug images licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Just When You Think Everything’s Under Control #haiku #poem #poetry #cat #cutecat

I lost control of my scheduel again this week. We’ve been laying a new bamboo floor, and had to deal with a kitty-cat lumpectomy, too. Yes, that’s Harvey, my cover model for Glory on Mars.

harvey-sticthes-400x377owie bad enuf
y we have to go to vet?
humans are so strange

by Kate Rauner as inspired by Harvey, who suffered for this poem




glory-ebook-267x400UPDATE: For 2017 I’ve put out a new book cover for Glory on Mars. It’s more science-fiction-y (I hope) and less quirky. So Harvey can retire from his modeling career – but to tell you the truth, he doesn’t seem to care much.



Beauty in the Bone #Haiku #nature #Poem #poetry

Essence of the formimg_4758-300x197
Buried under flesh and fur
Beauty of the bones

Here in the forests of New Mexico’s mountains, we all come across interesting bones. Everyone has a few on their porch.

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Grass #haiku #nature #poem #poetry #autumn #writing

Seeds like banners raisedseeds-1-300x225
Flap against my fingertips
On an autumn stroll


Clouds of purple seedsseeds-3-225x300
Each drop drizzles through my hands
Soon to sleep in snow




We Mocks Ur Gravity #cute #cat #poem #poetry #cats #haiku

All kittens can fly
Gravity waits patiently
Till they’re old and fat




Spring Melt #Haiku #poem #poetry #spring

Spring time melts the snow
Icy threads weave through dark pine
Braiding white with black

By Kate Rauner

snow melt (300x225)







My recent trip through National Parks in the American Southwest has inspired several haiku. This poem and image are from Sequoia.

Cliff Dwelling #haiku #poem #poetry #NewMexicoTrue

Ancient eyes have watched
Hands long gone build up stone walls
Where children once laughed.

By Kate Rauner

I’ve been traveling National Park sites in the American Southwest – which inspires haiku. It’s the national park system’s 100th anniversary, but anytime is a good time to visit.

Gila Cliff Dwellings

Gila Cliff Dwellings