Mars Colony Covers – this is my new series – hope they’re thrilling, exciting, well – hope you like them :) #scifi #Mars #books


The new covers – start with Glory on Mars – something’s terribly wrong in this near-future Mars colony :O

Here are my new On Mars covers. Woo hoo and yee haw – a big deal for me. It takes a surprising amount of time for them to pop up in all the stores, so you may not see these in your favorite for a week or so. What do you think?

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Happy New Year – Best Wishes for 2017 #happynewyear

mexican-sun-400x300Hanukah and Kwanzaa continue, but after New Year’s Eve the holiday season winds down fast. Between publishing books and celebrating, my schedule’s been erratic. I guess it’s time to settle back into a routine.

I had a nice Xmas surprise – on Xmas Day all four of my On Mars novels were in the top half of their Amazon category ranks – with Glory on Mars in the top 13% and Water on Mars in the top 16%. For a newbie author, that feels good. Thanks to everyone who read about adventures in the first near-future colony on Mars. If you haven’t read all four stories, now’s the time.

Here’s wishing you a good 2017 and thanks for your support.

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Glory on Mars in top 6% of its #kindle #scifi category

GLORY Ebook 300 dpi (200x300)Forgive me if I brag.
I just checked the ranking of my book Glory on Mars in Amazon’s kindle store. It’s listed under science fiction in three categories: space exploration, colonization, and hard science fiction.
In its top category – hard science fiction – Glory is in the top 6%. Not bad in the other categories either – 18%
Yee ha – thrill for me! Thanks to you!
If you haven’t read it yet, download a free copy today – see how here.
Please post a review or rating on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you hang out. Reviews help keep my ranking up which means other readers can find my book. I really appreciate your help.
Thanks to all my followers and friends.
Amazon ranks are always changing, so I better hurry and post this.

Glory on Mars: A one-way journey to Mars may be fatal.

Colonization of Mars is in trouble when the colony psychologist, one of the first eight settlers, commits suicide. Four more settlers are now on their way, bringing renewed hope – and a cat. Emma volunteered so she could explore Mars in her robotic walkabout suit. Even if she gets the chance, that may not make up for everything she left behind. Mars is a hostile planet, danger follows from Earth, and an inexplicable sense of desolation cripples the settlers’ efforts. Would you go? Read this first book in the On Mars series to discover if humans survive on Mars.

Stupid Worse Than Evil? #science #robotics #technology #artificialintelligence #AI

GLORY ebook with CAT EYES (201x300)

This is the old cover – click it to see the new one

In my science fiction stories about colonizing Mars, I send robots ahead to prove out construction methods and then work with the colonists. They have an Artificial Intelligence, too, to rely on. It seems unreasonable to write about humanity’s near future in space without robots and AIs.

But are they a good idea?

Some have speculated robots might kill us off even if programmed to create maximum happiness – since humans are a sorrowful lot, an AI might decide eliminating humans would make the world a happier place. Or maybe they’ll just decide we’re too stupid to keep around (which is sorta what happens in The Terminator.)

Or disaster may be our own fault.

HAL - not evil but deadly

HAL – not evil but deadly

Humans can be way too trusting of robots—and that our inclination to follow our robotic overlords could actually be a very dangerous human behavior that needs to be taken into account when designing everything from autonomous vehicles to emergency evacuation tech.

Scientists developing robots to lead people in high-rises to safety in case of a fire discovered people would follow the robot even when it made obviously dangerous and ridiculous errors. We seem all too ready to shift our brains into neutral and follow orders.

I see echoes of this problem in myself. I can no longer remember the date because my phone will tell me. I hop in a car without a thought to where I’m going because the GPS will tell me. I’m ready to hop into a self-driving car, too. Good luck to me.

How about you – ready to let an AI drive you to the grocery store? or fly you to Mars?

Thanks to

If Destiny Takes You to Mars, Beware – the Planet is Deadly #poetry #science #space #Mars

Spirit Rover views rocks on Mars

Spirit Rover views rocks on Mars

There could be solar flares
on the journey there,
Don’t forget crash landings
could happen, to be fair.

Water’s on the surface
but in a frozen brine.
Assume that you can boil out
enough to drink in time.

The atmosphere is toxic
but there is more to heed.
It’s less than one percent
of the pressure that you need.

Besides the lack of atmosphere,
no magnetic force surrounds,
So cosmic radiation
will force you underground.

Orange dust will be the bane
of your solar collectors,
Of moving parts and human lungs,
And of your airlock doors.

If your heating system fails
you will likely freeze,
And if you find your thumb’s not green,
Starvation adds to these.

You better hope you like your fellows
and avoid some fights.
It would be a shame to kill
each other in the night.

Your life’s a tough routine,
Your dangers aren’t a thrill.
Mars is unrelenting.
With its slow motion kill.

You’ve missed the deadline to apply to NASA’s astronaut program for Mars! GLORY eBook COVER OCT2017But, maybe that’s okay.

Join science fiction Mars colonists in my On Mars series. Colonists find all the dangers as they explore and build a home on Mars.

“Day One of the #Mars Era”

Orion launchLots of sources are reporting on this:

“The star of the day is Orion,” said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Jr., according to the AP. He called the success “Day One of the Mars era.” The Atlantic

I’m working on a concept for a book set in a colony on Mars. I think the first settlers on Mars will have a difficult life. I don’t think I want to go – not that it’s likely to come up.

My New Book Venture Now Available

VENTURE FINAL 6JUN2014 (682x1024)Woo hoo! I’ve taken the plunge and published my new book as both an ebook and a print-on-demand paperback. I had to learn a lot about several software programs to accomplish this, but since I don’t do cross-word puzzles, my brain needed the exercise.

Look for electronic editions of my books on Amazon for Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook, Smashwords for all major electronic formats; and on Apple, Kobo, Flipkart, Inktera, and Versent. If you don’t see one of my books at your favorite site, please check on Smashwords.

Venture is available in paperback today on CreateSpace, on Amazon within a week or so, and other outlets in the Create Space network in another month.

Join an international crew as they ferry their commercial space station to an enigmatic anomaly in Mars’ orbit. Here our solar system touches the Helios star system, a portal that was discovered decades ago and may be lost.

Harry joined the mission to escape loneliness on Earth and to indulge his obsession for gardening in space. He finds relationships grow like gardens, though not always as expected.

Along their journey, they mine a dangerous comet and visit the small colony on Mars. Tensions flare among the crew, threatening their mission. Things don’t go as planned and the crew must act to save their mission and their lives.

A story combining adventure with life aboard a space station.  Read an excerpt now: Continue reading