Einstein was Right and Continues to Enlighten Understanding of Universe #physics #maths #science #einstein

I’m fascinated by cosmology and quantum physics. Although I don’t speak Expanding universe since the Big Bangenough math to truly follow the science, I ran across a post that actually gives me an intuitive feel for Dark Energy – the almost mystical stuff that makes up a large part of the universe if we accept measurements of mass density wave-patterns. This post has tons of views – leave a comment – what do you think? Here’s the proposition”

Relativistic effects explain the observations evidencing the existence of Dark Matter around galaxies and galaxy clusters. When energy passes closer to galaxies it “slows down” due to gravitational time dilations.

The accumulative effect is a substantial increase in energy density when seen… far from the center of galaxies and that… is imperceptible for an observer within the galaxy. Gregorio Baquero

Visit Baquero to see the math, or just to read his narrative. He concludes:

There is no need for particularly special particles forming Dark Matter substance or even parallel universes’ escaped gravity to account for the extra gravity existing around cosmic structures. In a way, Dark Matter is just traveling energy.

I can get that – it makes sense to me. The speed of light is constant but the shape of space varies with mass. Gravity is the shape of space, thanks to energy interactions.

He doesn’t post his credentials or name collegeues, and I’m not competent to judge the math, but I admit I’m emotionally draw to Baquero‘s concluding sentence, which I paraphrased to title this post. Einstein hasn’t been left behind by quantum physics – not yet.

I’ve tried to capture my feelings in rhyme: Gravity Fights Dark Energy

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Daily Mathematics #math #science #poem #poetry #maths

Science inspires Rhyme and Reason https://books2read.com/u/3RBwej

My grocery store is only
A twenty minute drive,
A statement based on distance,
Related speed, and time.
You understand my drive at once,
It causes you no fuss.
Who says you don’t comprehend
Integral calculus.
By Kate Rauner

Geometry at Night #science #math #geometry #poem #poetry


Cuneiform tablets

A holy city worshiped bulls
Two thousand years ago
And gave the world astrology
Or so the story’s told.

Masters of geometry
They watched the sky at night
Saw stars that moved in retrograde
And puzzled at the sight.

Movements of the planets
Produce a twisted dance
They charted it with dents in clay
They had no proper graphs.

Geometry was once supreme
Before the calculus
Trapezoids drawn in the sky
For brains that functioned thus.

by Kate Rauner

Geometry is different – I’ve noticed that some people connect with geometry even if other forms of math leave them cold.

Astroarchaeologist Mathieu Ossendrijver, of Humboldt University in Berlin, has deciphered cuneiform tablets that predicted the planet Jupiter with fancy geometry found nowhere else in the ancient world.

“Ancient Babylonians used a complex geometrical model that looks like a rudimentary form of integral calculus to calculate the path of Jupiter. Scientists previously thought this mathematical technique was invented in medieval Europe.” livescience.com

“Trapezoid calculations were a tool for calculating Jupiter’s displacement each day along the ecliptic, the path that the sun appears to trace through the stars. The computations recorded on the tablets covered a period of 60 days, beginning on a day when the giant planet first appeared in the night sky just before dawn… Learning how the Babylonians astronomers acquired their geometric acumen ‘would tell us something about why human beings do science in the first place, and from time to time do it very well indeed.'” sciencemag.org

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