Earth Day 2019 offers a ‘try before you buy’ opportunity #EarthDay #insects #festival

Fried Spiced CricketsMy town of Silver City, New Mexico, USA celebrated Earth Day yesterday. It was a beautiful day in our park full of vendors, a little politics, and information on greenhouses and solar power (which works great in the American southwest.)

Also a booth from the local copper mines where I used to work. Sure, we have huge holes in the ground and huge piles of rocks on both sides of town. We need to protect our ground water and that’s a problem that will extend forever into the future. But if we can’t do a good job extracting copper, who can? Our world is built on copper. While we live in this world today, we need to keep building a better world.

I had a chance to try something new – insects. Free samples of crickets and mealworms, fried crisp, and (at least for the crickets) coated in spices. Very crispy and spicey – that’s my impression. They could have been chopped up bits of very thin chips, so I can’t really tell you what insects taste like. The samples ease Americans into the world of entomophagy.

Find out for yourself. I sent mealworms with my scifi Mars colonists, and here’s one recipe to try at home.

Earth Day in Silver City Gough Park 2019These are the same mealworms you know from home or schoolhouse reptile pets, but if buying lizard food makes you squeamish, they’re also packaged for humansFind prepared snacks here when you scroll down.

You can raise your own mealworms at home too – tiny pseudo-cattle for humanity’s future, because you get more protein using less land and water.

Happy Earth Day. She’s the only home we have.

Practice for #Mars – Eat Like a Martian at Home #MarsSurvivalTips

Mealworm_dish_in_a_Yunan_Restaurant,_Qingdao_ChinaIn my book Glory on Mars, Martian colonists grow their own food – including mealworms, which have as much protein as beef. So I was pleased to discover you can try this yourself at home.

Harvest enough mealworms to replace traditional meat in four or five dishes – right on your desk or countertop… fry them up or mix them into soup, smoothies, or bug-filled burgers.

Colony on Mars - scifi - Kate Rauner

Click to see the new cover. What do you think? More science fiction-y?

Fried mealworms are a treat for colonists in science fiction,  and they need a treat, because taking a one-way trip to Mars may be a mistake. Read all five books in the series.

Interested in the worms? Check out livinfarms. Thanks to fastcoexist for the tip.

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