Shadow of the Moon Absolutely Unequaled When You See for First Time #travel #solar #eclipse #solareclipse #august #poem #2017

Kate Rauner - poet inspired by science

That’s me! A picture of a picture – t-shirt from one eclipse, projecting another

You’re up at dawn that morning,
Though hours still must pass.
Pack your gear and nervously
Check the day’s forecast.

Your telescope is ready,
Set-up’s quickly done,
Projecting now on clean white sheets
The circle of the Sun.

Chew your lip and check the time
Nothing can distract.
Wait for the first
Excited shout –
It’s here!
First Contact!

You’ll barely see it starting
As you project the Sun –
Until a nip, a flattened edge
Confirms that it’s begun.

Amuse yourself as best you can
As the minutes linger,
Projecting tiny crescent Suns
Through your crisscrossed fingers.

You can detect a cooling,
The day is turning chill,
But the gooseflesh on your arms
Is from the growing thrill.

Now the sky is darkening,
Shadows oddly clear.
A column in the west,
The light is getting weird.

‘tween lunar peaks,
Shines through as Bailey Beads.
Second Contact!
Join the crowd in cheers.

The blackest disk you’ll ever see
Surrounded by corona –
By wisps and streams of frozen light,
Brief glint of red
A bonus.

Yes, the stars are coming out,
Twilight now encircles,
But it’s too hard to look away,
You don’t get a rehearsal.

Third Contact!
Met with groans and cries,
Returning Sun’s a tease,
Blinks diamond ring,
Glares blinding slice,
Totality moves east.

We few among the millions
Received a cosmic boon,
We few are marked forever.
We stood within
The shadow
Of the Moon.

By Kate Rauner
Are you ready for the 2017 eclipse? Here’s one place to learn what to expect.

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August Eclipse May Be Most Crowded Ever #solar #summer #travel #solareclipse #camping

I’ve never been a fan of crowds, so I’ve been planning my eclipse trip as a

Pick your spot

self-sufficient campout. Traditional camping venues are full but some private landowners are opening up for a fee – often with added enticements like live music.

Rural areas may be overwhelmed. Consider Oregon.

The first place to experience total darkness as the moon passes between the sun and the Earth will be in Oregon and Madras, in the central part of the state, is expected to be a prime viewing location. Up to 1 million people (!) are expected in Oregon for the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in 99 years and up to 100,000 could show up in Madras and surrounding Jefferson County. Officials are worried about the ability of the rural area to host so many visitors and are concerned about the danger of wildfire from so many people camping on public lands…

In this vast expanse of ranches and farms, rural, two-lane roads could mean traffic jams of cosmic proportions. Every hotel in Madras is booked, some residents are renting their homes for $3,000 a night, and campers are expected to flood the national forests and grasslands during peak wildfire season… first responders will prepare to respond as they would for a natural disaster. Cell towers could be overwhelmed, traffic will be gridlocked, and police and fire stretched to the max managing the crowds… businesses are being told to use cash only, to avoid bringing down the wireless network.

As a volunteer firefighter I appreciate the danger – something most people won’t be familiar with. “Just driving off-road – having that contact with a hot muffler or a catalytic converter – could start an ignition. And in these fine fuels, it could spread very quickly.”

Even if you’ve already got reservations, plan to be as independent as possible – pack food and water. And toilet paper.

It’ll be worth it.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about – look here.

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Total Solar Eclipse Amazing Treat for North America #solareclipse #astronomy #nature #travel

Solar Eclipse Path Aug 2017 Yee ha N America!

Have you planned your trip to the center line? A total solar eclipse will occur on Monday, August 21, 2017. The path will cross the mainland United States and I’ll be traveling across three states to reach it. Motels, RV parks, and campgrounds are already full, but I like to be mobile to chase clear skies anyway. Hello BLM land 🙂

This will be my third total eclipse – I had to travel farther for the first two.

As the great day approaches, expect to see more articles on eclipses. There will be the usual warning not to look directly at the event with your unprotected eyes – and you should never stare directly at the sun anyway! You risk eye damage if you do. The eclipse isn’t special this way. It’s just that the glare and pain usually keep people from trying. has a contribution this week. Temperatures will drop in the shadow of the moon as it blocks the sun – a larger drop than you might expect from a passing cloud – about the difference between noon on a clear day and sunset.

During a total eclipse i 2015, researchers recorded the temperature

… at a height of about 5 feet (1.5 meters) above the ground, and found that the lowest daytime temperature occurred 2 minutes after the end of totality…The Earth’s atmosphere is a good insulator, meaning it doesn’t exchange heat easily… This delayed transfer of heat could explain the slight delay in the cooling of the air during totality.

Expect lots more stories over the summer, and view the eclipse in person if you can. It’s a great thing to stand in the shadow of the moon.