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Write On! Four Corners KSJE

What a treat to appear on this great radio show and podcast. If you ever wondered what I sound like (and, after all, who hasn’t) now’s your chance. Listen to Traci and me discuss my award-winning scifi novel, Titan, about a cult colonizing Saturn’s moon. Then check out Traci’s other interviews for Write On! Four Corners, and more podcasts from KSJE.

“A fantastic story.” Traci HaesVass, Write On! Four Corners KSJE 90.0 FM and podcast


More Stuff for Your Coronavirus “Staycation” #history #podcasts #podcast #learning

View of Puma Punku

Here’s a view of Puma Punku. You can even visit it yourself once the world is back to normal.

Do you like to know what’s really behind the weird stuff you read?

Here’s the place to find out. It’s one of the few sites I visit regularly and I’m never disappointed. For the duration of the Coronavirus lockdowns, all Skeptoid episodes are free for all listeners via this website. https://skeptoid.com/episode_guide.php

Podcast of Berserk, a Norse Fantasy #podcast #scifi #fantasy #shortstories

A short read from my new collection is coming to audio! Listen to the June 14th podcast of 600 Second Saga – episodes go live at 6pm CST US.

Eirik takes his first voyage with a Norse raiding party. He admires and fears the berserker warriors who lead them into battle, but the magic that makes them invincible is not what he expected.

Can’t wait? Read Eirik’s story and more – short stories, flash and microfiction, and excerpts from my Mars colony series. Available now on Amazon

There are plenty of short science fiction and fantasy pieces on 600 Second Saga, so visit today. Perfect for a break during your day, or anytime.

And watch this blog for a reminder when Berserk goes live.