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Peace Force book coverScience fiction with humor, that’s Peace Force. On a planet colonized long ago by humans, Harriet is unemployed and newly homeless. She’s recruited by a crazy robot (funniest robot since Hitchhiker’s Guide’s Marvin) to become the sole member of the police force on a planet that’s so peaceful, it doesn’t need a police force.

Or so it seems.

As new-hire training turns real, Harriet picks up an orphan pickpocket partner, an artificial intelligence car that can’t wait to get out of the garage, and a retired police officer who isn’t ready to leave it all behind.

The story is good entertainment and there are two more books in the series. Comments on Amazon call it a fun romp. Though there is a darker twist at the end I wasn’t expecting, I think the description is spot-on: “It’s good clean fun, written with wry humor.” And the day I’m posting this, it’s free on Amazon.

Blogging note: this is new. When I pasted my post into WordPress, it grabbed the Amazon link and inserted a really-big picture of the book cover with a “buy it now” and “free preview” button. Hmm. Is this convenient or annoying? I wonder who’s paying whom for the link? I took the big buttoned image out this time… but it is slick. Do you like slick?

Absolutely Free Collection Short Science Fiction/ Fantasy limited time so this is your chance #shortstory #free #flashfiction #bookworm

jupiter-diving-web-ebook-24feb2017-267x400From a ship mining helium-3 in Jupiter’s atmosphere, Kelly launches a probe to search for life in the ocean of a Jovian moon. In the title story, Jupiter Diving, she finds more than she expected. If you missed out on ebook week earlier in the month, here’s another chance. I’m about to offer Jupiter Diving and other Short Reads on Amazon but you can download an advance copy for free.

Visit colorful and dangerous worlds in short stories and flash fiction. From an angel’s photo op on Mars, to the agony of a berserker warrior, a tiny craft’s interstellar mission, and an astronaut’s cries for help, you’ll find many new tales plus opening chapters and vignettes from my On Mars series, the multi-generational story of the first colony on Mars. Plus a few pieces of microfiction too 🙂

Perfect to fill a break in your day or an afternoon curled up in your favorite chair.

I’m going to offer the ebook on Kindle Select (I never used that outlet before but it’s supposed to be a good idea) but you can grab your free copy now. Sign up before March 31st to receive your book in April, before I let Amazon get its hands on it. Hurry – limited time offer.

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The code goes out April 1st (no fooling) so sign up before you forget and download your free book of short reads. I hope you’ll enjoy 🙂

Practice for #Mars – Eat Like a Martian at Home #MarsSurvivalTips

Mealworm_dish_in_a_Yunan_Restaurant,_Qingdao_ChinaIn my book Glory on Mars, Martian colonists grow their own food – including mealworms, which have as much protein as beef. So I was pleased to discover you can try this yourself at home.

Harvest enough mealworms to replace traditional meat in four or five dishes – right on your desk or countertop… fry them up or mix them into soup, smoothies, or bug-filled burgers.

Colony on Mars - scifi - Kate Rauner

Click to see the new cover. What do you think? More science fiction-y?

Fried mealworms are a treat for colonists in science fiction,  and they need a treat, because taking a one-way trip to Mars may be a mistake. Read all five books in the series.

Interested in the worms? Check out livinfarms. Thanks to fastcoexist for the tip.

More ways to eat like a Martian:
fish supper
mealworm snack
Martian colony demonstration

Easy read #ScifiFantasy with tough teenage girl heroes #fantasy

scarletScarlet is the second installment of a serial novel. It’s an easy read that moves quickly.

Scarlet winks at fairy tales. I didn’t think the cute epigraphs at the start of each section added much (“Oh, Grandmother, what terribly big teeth you have”) but Meyer immediately departs from fairy tales.

Scifi and Fantasy
The stories take place in a futuristic world with spaceships, androids, genetic manipulation, and imperial governments. In a fantasy element, the Lunars have a Force-like ability to “glamour” Earthens and mentally control them.

The two stories don’t come together until halfway through the novel. Meyer presents a few chapters from each story at a time, which I like better than hopping between subplots with each chapter. I get a better feel for the characters the way Meyer writes.

Two Stories
The stories involve two teenage women. Cinder is a cyborg who drops, not her glass slipper, but her left foot at the Prince’s ball – she even has a stepmother and sister who do not wish her well. Scarlet, in a red hoodie, has a grandmother who’s been kidnapped by… wolves? Unlike the fairy tale, this grandmother was a space pilot hiding important secrets decades after she retired to a French farm.

The two stories start separately – in the more science-fiction tale, Cinder the cyborg escapes from prison with a sidekick, a spaceship, and a neat android intelligence. Scarlet’s story is more of a fantasy – the frantic and hot tempered Scarlet tries to find her kidnapped grandmother with the unexpected help of a street fighter named Wolf – and his name may be somewhat literal.

Loves and Fights

There’s a love interest in each story and a larger conflict between the empires on Earth (our nations have disappeared) and Lunar, which seems to be an empire on the Moon, though the story stays earthbound.

I must admit as I got closer to the end I skimmed the fight scenes. That may just be me – I’m not a big fan of the details of fighting.

Both Scarlet and Cinder have adventures and the ending is a pause in the larger serial story. I’ve only read Scarlet and I enjoyed it – I think it stands alone well enough.

What’s on Amazon

This is the second novel in the series and gets a phenomenal 4 1/2 stars from 1277 reviews. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Complaints seem to come from people who didn’t realize this is the second installment in a serial novel. You might want to start with the first book, Cinder.