New Mars Covers are Here – big deal for me, so hope you like them #scifiart #mars #

Colony on Mars book covers“They” claim you decide whether to click in a fraction of a second, so covers determine whether you look at a book. No matter how good the story, if you don’t click, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve been dithering over new covers for my Mars Colony series and finally pushed the button. I hope you like them. You’ll find the new covers on Amazon today and other favorite stores by the end of the week.

Intrigued? Good. If you haven’t joined me on Mars yet, click today 🙂

Button - Click Itscience fiction book covers - Kate Rauner


Playhouse, Immersive Art to Touch and Walk Through, Follow the Story #scifiart #NewMexico #travel

Life broke out of my usual little bubble lately, with a fire, the paperwork aftermath of a fire (I’m a volunteer firefighter and lately chief of my department), followed by a couple short road trips. While I catch up with my neglected writing (Titan Book 2 – before it’s available next fall, you’ve got time to read Book 1 about a cult colonizing Saturn’s moon.)

Meow Wolf Santa Fe NM USA parking lot robot art

Meow Wolf parking lot, Santa Fe NM USA. The exhibit is installed in an old bowling alley (background)

Life interferes with my posting schedule, but sometimes a girl’s just gotta have fun. One of my highlights is Meow Wolf. It’s hard to describe – an immersive, interactive art exhibit meets a garage sale wrapped around an immortal hamster, if you care to work out the story. Or just wander and enjoy. Check out the walk-through video! Installations in New Mexico and Colorado. Don’t miss a chance to go.