Views of Reality #sciku #haiku #science #maths #math

Einstein’s relativity
State reality

Equations from a partial calcuation of gravity

Only in the language of math can you discuss gravity – sadly, beyond me. But we can all enjoy a classic experiment on the moon, in the absence of air…

Lunar Eclipse – watch it January 20, 2019 #sciku #haiku #lunareclipse #lunareclipse2019

Earth’s bronze shadow falls
Reveals truth to human eyes
As God tips His hand

lunar eclipse 2018

Lunar eclipse as seen from my house last year, Jan 2018

Kate Rauner

If the weather cooperates, a lunar eclipse is easy to observe (though I think media often exaggerate the color.) There are many articles – here’s one.

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EBOOK COVER R&R3 (199x300)Poetry that favors rhyme;
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Over forty poems, most of them revised since they first appeared on my blog, including the popular Desert Watermelon:

Ruby slabs of watermelon
Decorate my table,
While in the wild deserts
Its ancestral stock is stable.

Civilization could collapse,
There could be Armageddon.
But in five thousand years,
Survivors could
-Again –
Have watermelon.

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