Average Dinosaurs #haiku #sciku #dinosaurs

Boring dinosaurs
Grazing Mesozoic fields
Have the most to teach

A perfectly dull Hadrosaurus that could still get as big as an elephant, so a herd would have been something to see.

Beyond the flashy teeth and horns, the most plentiful dino herds give us something special: numbers.

Less hyped, more common species are where learning happens. These were the dinosaurs that altered ecosystems depending on what plants they ate and even where they walked, trampling some areas and letting others grow. They often were the food our favorite carnivores relied on. And these dinosaurs were so abundant that they’re more useful for paleontologists who want to know how dinosaurs varied, how they grew and other basic facts. Thanks to Smithsonian

Bioluminescence #sciku #haiku #science #poetry

You think fish eat me
But I called them for a ride
My Living Light app

Darwin encountered ocean bioluminescence in 1832: “The sea from its extreme luminousness presented a wonderful & most beautiful appearance; every part of the water…glowed with a pale light.”

Satellites can track these glowing seas today, trillions upon trillions of bacteria called Vibrio harveyi, looking to pass through fisg guts and sink deeper into the ocean

Thanks oceans.nautil.us for your article.

When the Virus Kept Humans Home #sciku #haiku #whales #nature

Covid anthropause
Whales respond to quiet seas
But what do they say?

Michelle Fournet of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, USA, realized that the Covid lock down presented her with a once-in-a-lifetime chance. She could listen to the whales of Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park when they were free of cruise ship traffic. And she discovered a difference. The humpbacks sounded like a 45-year-old recording, before cruise ships proliferated, from nearby Frederick Sound. Thanks to Hakai for the article. There are bound to more more studies coming out about wildlife reactions to human’s withdrawal during the pandemic: to the anthropause.

It’s Not Kinetic #sciku #haiku #physics

Patterns repeating
Crystals exist in space-time
Through four dimensions

Thanks to popularscience.com for their article on time crystals. What a great term, but when you consider… what else could you call them? Crystals repeating patterns of atoms in the XYZ planes should be called space crystals. Add the fourth dimension we all live with every day (even if we can only ride time’s arrow forward) and what would you expect?

Makes me think of a song: You know Dancer and Prancer and Comet and Blitzen… you know Gases and Liquids and Solids and Plasma…

A standard crystal with atoms arranged in 3D space. Suppose one type of atom flips repeatedly between quantum states? Without absorbing any energy! Perpetually in motion without kinetic energy.