Eat Like a Martian -Banana #Beer in #Space #Mars ?

bananas in treeIn my new #scifi #book Born on Mars, a visitor from the European colony tastes banana beer in the Sino-African colony. Not a big part of the story – just a little fun on Mars.

Try it yourself at home:
You’ll need ripe bananas, some wads of grass, water, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae (which is also used for grape wine) or the microbe of your choice. Use cloth to filter the final product. On Earth you can add sorghum flour to improve the taste.

Clean your equipment with boiling water, and be sure to wash yourself, too.

Peel ripe bananas by hand. Use only bananas ripe enough to be peeled by BORN Ebook cover 300 dpihand

Extract Juice. Knead the bananas in the grass until clear juice is extracted. The residue will remain in the grass. Recycle that in your garden – settlers need every scrap of organic material available.

Mix 1 cup of water to 3 cups banana juice.

Mix sorghum flour if you have it, to taste. Start with 1 cup flour to 12 cups banana mix. Stir well.

Ferment in a covered container for 18 -24 hours.

Filter. Force the liquid through a cotton cloth bag with your hands.

Enjoy. The beer should be refrigerated and drunk with a few days.Ya gotta survive, but, hey – ya gotta live, too.

More ways to eat like a Martian:
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Martian colony demonstration

Thanks to gourmetsleuth and howtopedia

#Marijuana in #Space – should we take #weed with us?

Cannabis_PlantIn my #scifi book Glory on Mars, settlers take cannabis seeds with them. It’s not a big part of the story, but at one point they need something to perk up their appetites and sooth despair – these are permanent settlers, not astronauts. I’m no expert on pot – should they grow it in a Mars colony? What strain should they take? BTW – I don’t let them smoke. I’m a volunteer firefighter – smoke is bad.

GLORY Ebook 300 dpi

#Colonization on #Mars

GLORY ebook with CAT EYES (201x300)I’ve been working through the final edit of my new novel – Glory on Mars. I’ll release it this weekend!

The Mars colony is in trouble when their psychologist, one of the first eight settlers, commits suicide. Four more settlers are on their way, bringing renewed hope – and a cat. Emma volunteered so she could explore Mars in her robotic walkabout suit. Even if she gets the chance, that may not make up for everything she left behind. Mars is a hostile planet, danger from Earth follows them, and an inexplicable sense of desolation cripples their efforts. Read this first book in the On Mars series to discover how humans survive on Mars.

I’ve fussed over the cover image – the settlers take a cat with them, and the cat plays a pivotal role in the story, but is not the central figure. I like the idea of including a cat on the cover – the first image I tried was too cute, the second too complacent. My latest effort is shown here. I hope the eyes will catch a person’s attention as they scan through thumbnail book covers. Would you click on this #ScienceFictionBook cover to read a description?

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