Silver City Quarterly Review – don’t miss the summer edition #newmexico #newmexicotrue #literary #literaryfiction #reading #stories #poems

Raven Painting © 2016 by Silja Erg

Painting © 2016 by Silja Erg

Find a delightful mix of essays, short stories, and poems in the summer 2018 edition of the Silver City Quarterly Review, including one of my poems.

My little corner of southwest New Mexico, site of copper mining for centuries and gateway to the Gila National Forest and Continental Divide trail, is home to a lot of talented writers. We have a thriving artist community too. Imagine discovering a little version of Santa Fe before the crowds did. If you’re ever in our vicinity, spend a few days.

Thanks to Chris Lemme for all the time and care he puts into the review. And for finding such a wonderful illustration for my poem. (Painting © 2016 by Silja Erg)





Short Stories, Articles, and Poetry in Silver City Quarterly – and something by me! #story #shortstory #poetry #read

Painting © 2016 by Jenny Floravita What happens when a hurricane bears down on an endangered island nation?

Happy New Year! The 2018 winter edition of the Silver City Quarterly Review is now available. I’m thrilled to have one of my short scifi stories included!

The review spotlights local authors from Silver City and southwestern New Mexico, presenting their short fiction and non-fiction pieces, and poetry. There’s something for everyone and an archive too. Help encourage local authors and read for free – you can’t beat that.

City Hall, Silver City, NM, USA

Silver City is my home, a lovely little mountain town in rural southwest New Mexico, USA. Founded by a gold and silver rush in the late 1800s, we still have active copper mines, and a wonderful greenspace around old iron mines that you can enter from behind the courthouse (right in town!) for a lovely stroll. Silver is a gateway to the Gila National Forest and Continental Divide Trail, and boasts a growing artist community and the best coffee shops I’ve ever lounged around. Plan a visit sometime.