Mortal’s Tale Told in Bones and DNA #poem #poetry #archeology #history

I just read at a poetry slam, having reworked a previous poem quite a bit. Hope I didn’t read too fast! I’m always a bit nervous. Anyway, here it is:

Trojan HeroesTroy, the fabled city
where gods and kings made war,
contains a buried story
less epic
than its famous lore.

Damage to the joints and spine
from working in the fields,
malnutrition and disease,
less noble but more real.

They suffered from a different strain
than found
in modern distribution.
Eight hundred years is
a long time
in microbe evolution.

One sad story’s told in bones,
a memoir in DNA.
Infection struck an unborn child,
stole mom and babe away.

What poems are writ to infants lost?
Who sings of nameless death?
In Trojan ground, a mortal’s tale
of pain and loss
was left.

Kate Rauner

Inspired by archeology.