Build a Living Planet – Here’s What You Need #biology #evolution #poem #poetry #astronomy #earth #sciences

Earth's magnetosphere

Many factors go into a Goldilocks Zone

If you want to build
a world alive,
There’s a recipe
to satisfy.

Avoid the inner galaxy,
Few stellar neighbors
are what you need.

You’ll want a source
of energy,
A stable star’s

Liquid water is a plus
To grow some life,
maybe a must.

A core of
Will warm the planet
‘Cause you need
A molten center
that will churn
Magnetic fields
for which you yearn.

Stabilize your globe’s
With a large moon
in its possession.

Oxygen may be
microbe poo,
But adds shielding
from what radiation do.

Now you’ll have
biological fun,
Based on our sample size
of one.

Kate Rauner

Earth is the only example of life we know, so we tend to look for earthly life in the solar system and beyond. It was fun to use this article in to build a poem. Try it yourself. I’m sure there are many possibilities.